Sunday Neverwinter Campaign

"Heroes" in Helm's Hold

  • After slaying the werewolves the adventurers ran from the coming guard. The beasts no longer looked like beasts, so explaining the issue would be a bit difficult with the only living one shouting the adventurers murdered denizens of the city.
  • The party rested in the Dirty Dwarf at Sylish’s suggestion. He is friends with the owner, Juetta, and she always has rooms on reserve for moments like this.
  • During the night the adventurers were woken up by the guards. It would later be found out that the grumpy dwarf had informed the guards of their whereabouts. Vice and Derdrin wouldn’t be taken into custody, knocking out 6 guards. Leaf and Pieter handled 3, but Leaf killed two and set the inn on fire in the process. Mari did not resist, but shouted for help when she heard battle in the other rooms. Everyone escaped the burning building via the windows. Vice, who was covered in blood and didn’t want to be called out, and Derdrin did not help quench the fire.
  • The party knocked out the grumpy dwarf and stole his payment, giving it to Juetta to pay for the damage to the inn. They left his unconscious body in Scar Alley, where they rested for the night to avoid the guards.
  • In the morning the adventurers went to see the Council of Speakers to inform them of the werewolf problem. With Sylish’s help they were able to clear their names for the murders that happened the night before. It was also found out that Rohini demands all corpses be burned to “stop the Spell Plague from spreading.” The party assumed it was because she hates the Thay.
  • A plan was hatched to eliminate the remaining werewolves from the city. They ventured to the inn where they were staying and challenged them. The werewolves, being quick to anger, came out of the inn for battle. All the werewolves were slain.


Nymerias Kinsoto

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