Sunday Neverwinter Campaign

Paragon Path recap part 2

Derdrin: Derdrin took freaking forever is the main takeaway from his paragon path RP. After we split up, Derdrin returned to RL’s grave site and continued to research the location of gauntlgrym (henceforth referred to as “G”). After pouring through RL’s work, Derdrin narrowed it down to 6 potential entrances for G. He went back to the city to recruit some dwarves to go on the expedition with him. Derdrin was initially very picky about who to bring with him, because none of the dwarves were up to his standards (they were uber city dwarves, who Derdrin dislikes). After mommy and daddy argued a lot, Derdrin finally settled on taking a large group (~100) of dwarves with them. Derdrin’s group started exploring and excavating the six sites, and they eventually found an entrance to G. The combined amount of time to research, recruit, plan, excavate, and eventually find G was about 1.5 years. Derdrin sent out envoys to other dwarven kingdoms and to the other bear riders upon discovery of G. Three bear riders (one of whom is Derdrin’s cousin) arrived, and Derdrin went about exploring G and establishing a base of operations there. It was during this time that Derdrin discovered information about the dwarves original fighting style whilst they were giant slaves, and Derdrin trained and instructed others in this “Avalanche hurler” style of fighting. It is assumed that Derdrin will be called away to return to Neverwinter, and he appointed a ruling triumvirate of a politician, war leader, and blacksmith to make decisions in his place while he was gone.

Pieter: Pieter’s PP was very sad. Basically, Pieter returned back to the remains of his tribe, the ones that weren’t crazy/savage/spending most of their time as werewolves (I believe the good guys are called “the forsworn”). Pieter is received back into his tribe but not fully accepted by them. He is not allowed to sit in on any councils (except war councils), and he doesn’t get to sit with everyone at the community camp fire. Pieter teaches the tribe about guerrilla warfare tactics, and he becomes the embodiment of the storm (PP = Storm sentinel, I think). Basically, Pieter does what does best, which is eat a shitton of damage and be a big distraction. The forsworn are able to break the spell / recover of few of their lost tribesmen. As the fighting continues Pieter notices the tribesmen he is fighting are becoming more and more feral. I forget how the Netherese are tied to this, but I think they are working with or enslaving the other half of Pieter’s tribe. Anyways, eventually Pieter’s forsworn are summoned to the Uthgardts tribes special place (let’s call it pride rock), and they coldly tell him he is not invited, because he is still not a part of their tribe and they just cannot bring themselves to accept him. Pieter takes this stoically. The forsworn say they will try and bring the other tribes back to rid themselves of this threat.


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