Sunday Neverwinter Campaign

Skipping a lot of stuff...

  • The adventurers went to Atalast’s office for information about the Sludge child. They were turned away by the man in yellow who said they were too busy investigating things that didn’t involve the specimens we brought them. Pieter said “Mouse” which had Atalast run to the door and let us in.
  • The sludge child was looking pretty human, but still had black eyes. They were trying to teach her things and restore her humanity.
  • Vice kicked out the colored robed men because they were talking down to him and making it sound like the information they had gathered would be of no use to the adventurers. Images of Eladrin flashed past him as he sent them away.
  • They gave Atalast the book that was associated with the whistle and told Atalast about the conversation with Somon. The “They” that the ex-mayor kept referring to are creatures from Abier. He also couldn’t tell if the Spellplague is artificial or augmental.
  • Adventurer’s went to Helm’s Hold after blowing the whistle and causing the sludge child to scream in pain. All in all a good state to leave the robed guys in.
  • There had been murders in Helm’s Hold recently, usually of someone in or near to power (guard captains, etc.). People have suspicions, but most of it seems unfounded.
  • Involved factions are Pure Bloods – those that have lived in Helm’s Hold since before the spell plague and don’t like that it’s become a safe haven for those that have the plague. Heirs of Azure – Plagued people who are very proud of the fact they are plagued. They often have tatoos around it to exemplify the spellscar.
  • Mordai used to visit Helm’s Hold a lot in the past. He was trying to court the Prophet Rohini, who actually isn’t officially in high standing in the Hold. This courtship seems to have picked up again.
  • In the streets as the adventurers were headed to a place to rest for the night a group in fancy dress stopped them. Pieter vaguely recognized the man in the lead as Sylish Kreed, one of the few to speak up against his exile. He told us it was for the best if we leave the city.
  • Rohini stole Helm’s Hold from “The Master” (Clarburnus, the Prince of Shadows?) and they were going to take the Hold back. This group had been in the Hold for 6 years waiting for that moment. Pieter talked Sylish down, but his allies were quick to turn on him. After a brutal battle Sylish was saved and the guards came running.


Nymerias Kinsoto

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