The Ghost of the House of Knowledge


Atalast was an acolyte of Augma at the time of the cataclysm and was locked in the vaults due to the tremors. He spent years re-organizing the books in the Vault (he reordered them twice) and slowly went crazy by being alone for such a long time. Eventually Atalast opened a dark tome and went completely crazy. Living off of mice and a makeshift well he continue to live in the Vaults to this very day.

Recently Aelar began to heal Atalast’s insanity and slowly he’s returning to his old self. The transformation now seems to be nearing completion. He is normal enough to hire others to help him, hold intelligent conversations, and make stabs at Vice’s intelligence when the adventurers are looking for information.

He still believes he is only an acolyte, but has successfully been protecting the books in the vault for many years.


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