Dagult Neverember

Dashing Noble

  • Open Lord of Waterdeep and Lord Protector of Neverwinter
  • Claims to be descended from the bastard line of the royal family by his ancestor Vers Never
  • Came to Neverwinter to help rebuild 5 years ago, bringing with him a mercenary army from the Mintarn Islands
  • Approached Derdrin Droginul to propose a joint effort in finding Gauntlgrym, in exchange for Derdrin’s support for Neverember
  • Enlisted the group’s aid in handling a situation with plaugechanged monsters at The Wall before civilians became endangered.
  • Wore one of the rings of the Neverwinter Nine. Said it was a family heirloom.
  • Has recently asked the adventurers if he could travel with them in their hunt for R.L.’s grave.
  • Admitted to feeling not quite himself and giving into a temper that isn’t his. He has been seeing the Prophet of Helm’s Hold to treat his condition. He has only been feeling worse since then.
  • Has been crowned as the ruler of Neverwinter.

Character Opinions/Thoughts/Musings


  • Neverember’s recent outburst was shocking. Do we really want to trust Neverember? Is Neverember who he wants us to believe he is? Probably not, but for now I’m willing to support Neverember, but will likely keep some more information from him.
  • Is happy to help Neverember help to restore the might of Neverwinter.

Dagult Neverember

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