Madame Rosene

Leader of the Greycloaks

  • Pictured here from her younger days as evident by the number of cats shown with her.
  • Leader of the Greycloaks, a group within the Sons of Algondar that wish to take back Neverwinter through politics and slow tactics.
  • Owner of many cats, her favorite being Violet, a rather large female.
  • Held one of the rings of the Neverwinter Nine before the group requested she give it to them.
  • Was captured by Arlon Bladeshaper. Both she and Violet has several of the bone pendants placed on them.
  • She had recovered from the bone pendant ordeal.
  • Leads the militia now that Dagult has taken the crown.

Character Opinions/Thoughts/Musings


  • I am not sure what to think of Madame Rosene. I’d like to like her, she’s been helpful and clearly cares for Neverwinter. There just seems to be something that rubs me the wrong way.

Madame Rosene

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