Mordai Veil

Merchant Prince

  • Tiefling leader of the merchants in Neverwinter.
  • Seems to care for the well being of Neverwinter, but also in the well being himself.
  • Wears the ruby ring that matches the ring the Red Wizards of Thay are after.
  • First encountered when the group recovered one of the shards of Selune from beyond the wall that divides the Protector’s Enclave from the section of Neverwinter that is swarming with spellplagued creatures.
  • Offered the group a free invitation to his manor in the Blacklake district which they have used often.
  • He has been used as a source of information, a place of rest, and a location to sell rare items.
  • His wizard allowed for safe travel to the Skyhold for no cost via a portal spell.
  • Has asked about what General Sabine said about him and seemed displeased when he was informed that she didn’t mention him at all. Later said he made her an offer several times and she has not responded once.
  • Though he has expressed interest in Sabine, it has been revealed that he wears the Ruby ring of the Neverwinter Nine as a token of remembrance to a lost love.
  • Apparently wears all black when sleeping, but the manner of clothes he was wearing did not suggest just sleep when the adventurers found him in the early morning.

Character Opinions/Thoughts/Musings


  • Worries about who Mordai Veil wants to introduce the party to. Is Mordai connected to Asmodeus? Hopefully not.
  • Is happy to deal with Mordai as he has been extremely kind and helpful to the group.

Mordai Veil

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