Sludge Child

Child of the sludge


Her veins used to run black, along with her eyes.

After Atalast and his fellow robed men started treating her like a real human she started to dress like Mari. The black veins are gone, but her eyes are still black.


A young girl, referred to as “it” by Vice, Derdrin, and a few others who had encountered her, that was pulled out of a pillar of sludge under the city of Neverwinter.

After finding her she was left with the protests of Pelor for a night. They wanted to be rid of her and would not keep her when the party stopped to pick her up the next day.

She was left with Atalast for study since the adventurers could not keep her with them. He studied her, trying to get her to act like a regular child.

She became fond of Mari, eventually dressing like her. She has spoken once, and only to Mari in whispers.

Sludge Child

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