Rings of the Neverwinter Nine

Keys to the Crypt

  • 9 Rings created by R.L. and given to the Neverwinter Nine for their deeds in helping the city.
  • Were thought to be buried with the Neverwinter Nine, but have been appearing throughout the city.
  • Can be kept in an enchanted box that prevents those with bad intentions from removing the rings. The magic gets stronger as more rings are added.
  • Are used as keys to get into the Crypt of the Neverwinter Nine.


  • Two were found on the Skyhold.
  • Pallas took one from the Skyhold before the adventurers got there.
  • Lord Neverember had one passed down through his family.
  • Mordai Veil has one as a reminder of a lost love.
  • Madame Rosene had one attached to the collar of her cat, Violet.
  • Arlon Bladeshaper was wearing one when he was defeated by the adventurers.
  • It was believed one is at R.L.’s grave. This ring was left in the gate to the tomb, hidden by an enchantment.
  • Valindra Shadowmantle wore one ring, it is unknown how she obtained it.

Rings of the Neverwinter Nine

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