Sunday Neverwinter Campaign

Chapter 7
  • The group decides that even though the quest that brought them together is over, there is some unfinished business around the city that they all want to look into, so they might as well see it though together.
  • The day begins with a lovely shopping trip. Derdrin gets a new set of barding for his bear and Vice finds a magic spear with a dragon head for the spear head. They also find a merchant who quotes them extremely fair prices for the gems and such they were toting around. They all keep silent about the ring they took from Pallas.
  • The first order of buiness was to check in with Lord Neverember. They have been exposed to all of the negative things about the man since they have seem him last, and some are starting to second guess the warm exterior of this politician. Yet, even with being on high guard to question his every word (i.e. you all rolled high insight checks) he never was dishonest. He was concerned for the well being of all the group members and truly grateful for everything they had done to help his citizens.
Chapter 6
  • Once inside the River District the denizens assume the party has paid the toll and have no reason to pick a fight with them. They have no problem pointing the party in the direction of the Fallen Tower where they can find Vasani and Vagdru, their best sources for help.
  • Along the way they are confronted with familiar snarls, a pack of Dead Rats have been following the group waiting for an opportunity to strike and get revenge for their murdered comrades. Aelar quickly points out that these wererats are wearing the bone pendants that have been driving the Nashers mad. The Nashers were indeed in league with the Dead Rats as several Nashers themselves appeared aiding the Rats in their revenge.
  • Making it to the Fallen Tower the group heeds their informants warning and come in ready to lay down some silver for the information they want. Buying a round of Vagdru’s Special Brew they impress the one-eared bartender by not instantly spitting out their first gulps. Though they still look far too puny and weak to accomplish the task they are inquiring about.
  • The orc leader Vasani takes an interest in the party, mostly coming over to introduce herself to a fellow spellscared. She informs them that if they can convince Vagdru and the other orcs that they are not as puny and weak as they look, that they could use the orcs method of getting into the Shard of Night.
  • After a shaky start the group puts on quite a show and gains the good will of the orcs, if at least just for being entertaining cause they are still puny and weak.
Chapter 5
  • Our rather nocturnal group is refreshed and ready to go as midnight rolls around. They head out from Mordai’s to find a man waiting in the alleys for them. Vice recognizes the man as someone he met on The Wall and convinces the group to follow him back to the Driftwood Tavern.
  • Here the party is introduced to Madame Rosene, a leader of the Sons of Alangondar. She explains to them of the recent schism in the Sons, and how the younger generation is turning down a violent and bloody path. She implores the group that even though the young Nashers wouldn’t think twice about slitting your throats, to please refrain from ending any of their young lives and bring as many as you can back to her. She knows nothing of the “badges of honor” that Arlon has been giving out but recognizes the seriousness of the problem and has pledged to look into it for the group.
  • Upon leaving the tavern our heroes walk half the length of Blacklake District without an attack of any kind. Madame Rosene yet her word about having the Greycloaks keep them safe.
  • Arriving at the harbor the group meets up with Les-Gen, who is frankly surprised they showed at all. She shares all the intel she has gathered over the past year and they plan out how to enter Pallas’ hideout.
  • As they near the general area where Les-Gen has plotted out as potential hideout sites, everyone hears the distinct sounds of a battle in progress. A plethora of sounds rises from underneath the planks of the new docks.
  • The fight included forces from all over the city, some familiar and some new faces. Word must have gotten out about the power of these shards and our group appears to have a lot more competition now.
  • Looting a thieves hideout is generally a good idea as the group recovers 2 small statues, 3 gems, 1 small painting, 750 gp, large jeweled golden ring.
  • Derdrin also notices burnt scraps of paper with Dwarven script on them. Upon reading a few he searches for the original source of the pages and finds a worn leather journal by the fire with lots of pages torn out. Watching Derdrin search around again Vice takes the hint that they might have missed something in their initial looting and recovers a large heavy object wrapped in white bear hide from Pallas’ bedroll. Derdrin is pauses slightly from shock upon seeing Vice’s discovery. He informs the group that the presence of this axe wrapped in such a way could only mean his Father was dead, but how it came to be in the hideout of thieves (halflings no less) he could not say, but it could only mean graver tidings.
  • Whether the presence of apparent competition for the next shard, or just cause they weren’t sleepy yet, the party quickly travels to the River District where they are stopped by Orcs at a ramshackle toll booth of sorts.
  • The Orcs demanded 10g a piece, but 5g for Aelar whom they referred to as the Blessed One. As Orcs have little to no patience they quickly attacked the group after too many attempts at not paying them occurred.
  • During the course of the fight, most of the party members were adhering to their unofficial non-lethal policy. However, the first orc Derdrin got his father’s axe into was quite dead soon after. Not stopping there he also finished off the unconscious bodies of two more orcs.
  • The party recovered 90g off the orcs that they must have collected in tolls that day, though many of the party hesitated when it came to splitting up the gold. Aelar went as far as picking up a few pieces and throwing them at Derdrin to show his disgust at the slaying of the orcs. In the end only Vice and Leaf take the money.

Again, there is much more that happened, and I would appreciate any fill ins you would like to add.

Chapter 4
  • Arriving at the Beached Leviathan the party finally finds Erralt Gavin, only to find him passed out drunk. What little they get out of him isn’t much to go on, but they do get a pair of names. Pallas, the leader of a ring of halfling thevies, and Len-Jes the newly appointed Neverwinter Harbormaster.
  • Attempting to get more information about Pallas and where to find him the group approaches Len-Jes, a scarred watersoul Genasi, who appears to look more like a pirate herself than an appointed law enforcer. She is reluctant to discuss much of Pallas with the party but agrees to help them flush out the gang if they returned to her later.
  • Afterwords the party takes up Mordai Vell’s open invitation to visit his manor in hopes of finding a free place to rest for the night. While their they find out more information about Pallas from Mordai himself as well as got some of their magic items identified. Leaf however thought it best to keep the rod to himself.

Much more happened, if you would like a stroke of luck card fill in some bullet points, whether from your characters perspective or otherwise.

Chapter 3
  • Our heroes get a full extended rest waiting in the sewers for a signal that they’ll “know it when you see it” as Guard Captain Roberts put it.
  • 3 hours past the expected signal time they hear frantic tolling from the bell tower up the hill. Taking this as their signal they emerge from the sewers to find waves of plaguechanged monsters coming from the east.
  • If you want a stroke of luck card you should give some details on the fight from your character’s perspective
  • Returning to the wall victorious the heroes are greeted by the grateful militia, including a very wealthy tiefling merchant, Mordai Veil. He was extremely impressed by the heroes display on the battlefield, and as it is his job to know everyone worth knowing, he introduces himself to the party. He rewards them with an I.O.U redeemable at any of the shops he owns throughout the city. He also invites them to stop by his estate at any time as there are always important people rubbing elbows there and he thinks the party would fit in quite nicely.
  • After Mordai leaves a more different Guard Captain Roberts approaches the party to apologize for her brother’s actions and reward them for their heroics. Because of the heroes bravery no milita lost their lives in what could have been a devastating attack. Derdrin recieves a pair of Gauntlets of Blood.
  • Leaf and Vice join Lady Guard Captain Roberts and the Wall milita in the barracks for a victory party while Derdrin, Aelar, and Pieter take the recovered shard back to Lady Jasmine.
  • If you want a stroke of luck card you could give some details of what your character learned from this meeting with Lady Jasmine.
  • The party decides to attempt returning the recovered scrolls to the House of Knowledge.
  • Maybe your character could give a description of what occurred here from their point of view.
  • As it is now a more reasonable hour in the morning for civilians to be rising and the city to come alive, the party heads across the bridge and into the Blacklake District, making their way to the Driftwood Tavern on Vice’s recommendation. Inquiring about the shard they get the name Eralt, as he was a customer who kept talking about the shooting star.
  • The party then heads to the Inn of a Thousand Faces for Vice to check in. While Vice leaves to talk in a back room the party inquires more about the shard and finds out that it likely landed close to the lake in the center of the district. Eralt Gavin is the leader of the Friends of the Blacklake Association and can likely be found at the Beached Leviathan during the day, though their doors won’t be open to strangers so early in the morning.
  • The party leaves the inn and heads towards the other side of the district where the harbor and the Beached Leviathan can be found. Walking through the merchant lined streets they are confronted by a group of angry dwarves and humans before they have a chance to go shopping.
  • If you would like a stroke of luck card, you could explain this fight from your character’s perspective.
  • Derdrin recieves Gauntlets of Blood
  • Party recieves merchant guild coupon
  • Gold to date: 970 (470 useable)
Chapter 2
The only thing heroes are good for...
  • Upon arrival at The Wall our heroes report to Guard Captain Roberts. He pays them the bounty for cleaning up some members of the River Rats thieves guild.
  • He makes it clear that he doesn’t think “heroes” are anything special and sends them on a dangerous, and just plain disgusting, mission. Though tactically it does risk the least of amount of lives.
  • As the group navigates their way through the sewers any slip up resulted in an attack by plaguechanged monsters, including one run in with an Aboleth.
  • Leaf notices on Arcane Mark on the wall with the mark of Asmodeus (currently spelled wrong, I’ll fix it later) and an arrow pointing down a hallway. He shares his find with the gorup, and after a little investigation the group decides to follow the tunnel to see what they find.
  • At the dead end of the tunnel the group found 3 corpses. Two had the brand of Asmodeus and the third was an unmarked female who had a large sum of gold on her as well as a tribal leather jerkin hidden underneath ragged street clothes.
  • The cultists had with them 6 scroll cases sealed with the holy symbol of Oghma.
  • Later in their travels the group peers briefly into The Chasm. It has an apparent effect on Aelar who becomes dazed for a few seconds after seeing it. The group closed off the shaft that lead into the Chasm before moving on.
  • Vice picked up a Cloak of Resistance
  • Leaf picked up an Ashen Rod of something likely infernal-ish.
  • Gold to date: 970 gp (470 gp available for using)
Chapter 1
And so it begins...
  • Heroes witness and violent outburst by local rebels. They engage only when they witness the rebels attack the Dragonborn fighter that was simply trying to get out of the way.
  • After the battle the group is approached by Lady Jasmine who calls them by their names. She explains that she saw them in a vision and tasks them with banding together to recover 3 Shards of Selune that fell into the city last night.
  • Lord Neverember requests the presence of Derdrin Droginul to discuss a joint effort to find Gauntlgrym in exchange for open support of Neverember
  • Lord Neverember tasks the group with attending to a problem with increased plaugechanged monster activity at the Wall. Party gains 5 potions of healing 5 seals of the Lord Protector
  • Aelar, Leaf, and Pieter attempt to meet with General Sabine at the Moonstone Mask to gather information from the guards who might have witnessed the shard fall. She was none to pleased to be bothered by the heroes, and is not impressed by their current status, badges or no.
  • While gathering information in the streets, the heroes are attacked by thieves. After heroically charging ahead to handle the guttersnipes on his own, Vice fell. The group quickly rallied to his aid and took care of the remaining thieves. Party gains 50 gp, Aelar refuses to take the money stolen from the thieves.
  • The heroes finally arrive at the section of the wall that they think the shard is closest to. After asking around they are directed to seek out Guard Captain Roberts.
The Story Thus Far
A brief history on the area

World = Toril
County = Faerun
Region = The “Savage” North
City = Neverwinter
Current Year = 1479 DR

  • ~1382 DR the Spellplauge was released in Faerun. Those that do not perish from contracting the spellplague are left forever changed. They are known as the spellscarred and are fear and hated, much like lepers. They are recognized by arcane scars on their body that manifest blue flames. More information given upon request.
  • The city of Neverwinter is named so because of the unique qualities of Neverwinter River. The river remain warm year round, even in the harshest of winters it continues to flow freely. With a constant warm current feeding it the port of Neverwinter remains free of ice and allows trade to continue to the North when overland routes are impassable and other ports are frozen. Because of this the city has flourished with trade and gained the title “The Jewel of the North”.
  • 1449 DR Mt. Hotenow erupted devastating the region and destroying most of city. Trade slowed to a trickle and the city all but died. The small villages and settlements that had begun to sprout were completely dependent on trade through the city, and those that did not burn in the cataclysm themselves were quickly abandoned to the wilderness.
  • The citizens of Neverwinter who stayed after the city’s destruction are fiercely loyal to their city and intend to see it rebuilt into its former glory. In the meantime they just have to try to survive before they can get to that point.

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