Sunday Neverwinter Campaign

Paragon Path recap

This is mainly for Matt, and Nick because he barely pays attention. Everyone RP’ed their paragon paths last session. None of our actual PCs would know each other’s PP info (except Leaf and Vice who partnered up for part of theirs), but here is the background to fill in the gaps depending on which PCs decide to reveal what info.

Aelar: Best story line here. Aelar goes back to the ruins of his village, and spends a few days wandering the ruins lost in his thoughts. The elves who survived his spellplague incident have moved on, and the village is abandoned. After a while, Aelar seeks to reconnect with the spirits, and enters a shaman walk meditation thingy. The spirits immediately inundate him with a variety of emotions, feelings, and images. It takes Aelar a long time to decipher the spirits’ message, because the spirits don’t communicate in a real language. Consequently, Aelar does his best Rip Van Winkle impression and is in a trance for a VERY long time (year plus). The forest grows up around him in the spellplague ravaged area, and the spirits tend to him. The spirits are super pissed that the spellplague entered their woods, because they had been sheltering the inhabitants of the woods from it. Aelar is shown a vision of an undergrown pipe system / “hose” / “root” system that ends in a pocket of spellplague under his village. The root system extends to the southwest (towards the direction of helm’s hold and the dread ring), but Aelar is not able to determine the source of the spellplague once he reaches the forests edge. The spirits convey their anger that their sanctuary was violated to both Aelar and his eagle spirit, and they charge him with being less passive and more “bloodthirsty” to seek revenge against this intrusion. Aelar awakens from his trance, and after taking some time to recover, searches the ruins of his old house one more time. There, he finds a doll that Aelar remembers he received from a traveler right before his spellplague incident. Aelar cannot remember the face of this traveler, but upon picking up the doll realizes it is a conduit to the spellplague pocket below him, and that this is how Aelar was infected with the spellplague. Attempts to destroy the doll prove futile. so Aelar stows the doll for safekeeping. The doll is the same doll that Aelar saw in his vision. Aelar has a weak intuition that the doll from his vision (which sprouted blue tentacles) —> mayor was all creepy and blue tentacles —> mayor + rohini = helm’s hold, but this is not something he is confident enough to pursue yet. Aelar performs a ritual and with the help of his animal friends is able to remove the pocket of spellplague in the forest. He continues inhabiting this part of the forest and reconnecting with the spirits, until the time is right to return to Neverwinter. The spirits also imbue him with a token of their power when Aelar visits his sacred glade, and his armor increases to +2.

Chapter 30
Race to the Tomb

After leaving R.L.’s tomb the adventurers head towards Neverwinter with much haste. During their travels it seemed that Lord Neverember is much less of a hassle and more of an adventuring paladin. This is attributed to his dominance of Jindo in the Scrying Orb. When the adventurers entered the city they are greeted by guards who stop them and inform them a curfew has been put in place. When asked about it none of the guards seemed to recall when the curfew was put into place and none of them really cared that people are breaking it.

The group headed to Mordai’s to find information on what’s going on. They are greeted by his butler who rushes them into the manor and closes the door as quickly as possible. He believed that there was something in the air that caused the lethargy. Mordai was very confrontational when the group requested to see him, saying they never just wanted to see him, but always wanted something from him. When Neverember told him that they had found a way to find the crown Mordai asked about a deal. When pressed Mordai was defensive, but Neverember said he was to put on the crown and he would lift Mordai to the Master of Coin.

The adventurers went to the Hall of Justice to investigate the lethargy since everyone pointed them in that direction. They searched the mayor’s office, trying to find the man people thought had put the curfew in place. He was not in his office; he was in Neverember’s office, talking to the Prophet Rohini. She said she had come to Neverwinter because everyone was worried about Neverember’s disappearance and he had missed a few treatments. She exuded an aura of calmness, making everyone fall into a state similar to the guards, but not quite as severe.

She had enacted the curfew to keep the Sons of Algondar in check, saying they had become unruly when Neverember left. She also sent General Sabine to Helm’s Hold for treatments and gave command of the Mintauren Mercenaries and the militia to the mayor. Said she would lift the curfew since Neverember was back and she would leave in the afternoon since all seemed to be as it should. Vice and Aelar wanted her to stay so they could talk to her further and find the cause of the lethargy.

The adventurers returned to Mordai’s since he refused to give up his ring if he couldn’t come and be a part of the stories that would be told of retrieving the crown. He took one of the rings out of the box while putting his ring in, inadvertently proving he had no ill plans for the rings. When asked about the activity of the Sons of Algondar after Neverember left he commented that there was no change in the daily goings on of the city except for the curfew.

The next morning the adventurers, Neverember, and Mordai traveled Castle Never and headed for the crypts. They battled and defeated Rotgrubs investing a room that previously contained a beholder. After the battle a voice came from nowhere that thanked the adventurers for the help. Jindo described the voice as the third lieutenant of Shadowmantle and said she really wasn’t to be feared, calling her a “failure of a whore.”

The third lieutenant, Katarin, greeted the party just before the gate room, taunting them with the fact that she had killed the Harper’s that had been defending the gate. Her skeletal dragons proved to be a greater threat than she, but she did vanish when defeated, much to Jindo’s dismay. She then greeted the party in the gate room, standing beaten and bloody over a large crate. She laughed about the party’s demise as she opened the crate, revealing an undead beholder. Jindo called her a fool as the beholder rose from its cage and devoured the necromancer.

Chapter 29
Battle with Shadowmantle
  • Shadowmantle taunts the group while attempting to turn R.L. into a lich to get the information on the location of the last ring.
  • R.L. had left the final ring in the gate of the Neverwinter Nine’s tomb, hidden by an enchantment.
  • She’s defeated in an epic battle in R.L.’s tomb.
  • It is revealed that R.L. is half Eladrin half dwarf, but an outcast of both societies. He is also Lady Jasmine’s brother.
  • He tells everyone that he sealed himself in his own tomb to research how to defeat the primordial under Mount Houtenow and offers his research to Derdrin. Says the Eladrin, Dwarves, and Humans were given artifacts to control the power of the primordial. The human’s artifact was the crown of Neverwinter.
  • It turns out that Shadowmantle did not want the crown for herself, but wanted to revive the Neverwinter Nine so she could command some of the greatest heroes Neverwinter had known.
  • The adventuring party left Lady Jasmine with R.L. so he would not be alone when he died. Pallas stayed behind to protect Lady Jasmine.
Chapter 28

While attempting to get some rest after encounters with the dark fey, We are interrupted in the early morning by a corrupted Eladrin captain and some dark fey. She led stealthy attacks against numerous of our allies but was eventually thwarted by the might of Derdrin’s axe.

After this, we were able to finish our nights rest and push onwards to RL’s grave. We saw a blue flash of fire off in the distance and shortly after found ourselves surrounded by a group of Eladrin . We told them our story and they took most of our weapons, as they escorted us to Sharandar. They took especially keen interest in Leaf. When arriving at Sharandar we met with the leaders there and were accused of being looters for the Eladrin artifacts found in the bag of holding. We were eventually able to turn this situation around by deducing that the priestess of Corellon, Firesky, was in charge of the massacre at Thundertree. Another second in command of the Eladrin knew, Mistcrown, about this and gave the go ahead. The true head of the Eladrin in Sharandar, Marysara Winterwhite, was not aware of the attack on Thundertree and had Firesky and Mistcrown imprisoned while the situation is figured out.

During the brief “interrogation” dark Eladrin were mentioned and the Eladrin of Sharandar were appalled by the suggestion. It was found out that the three dark eyed Eladrin we encountered had all gone missing from Sharandar over the past few weeks. The two encountered in Neverwinter were on a regular patrol two weeks ago when they went missing. Evisalyth, the captain that ambushed us in the morning was Winterwhite’s neice and went missing only a few days prior to the attack.

We were then given audience with Winterwhite and with the help of “Whitemane,” who turned out to be a squire that lied about his name, we able to explain more about the chase of the lich and RL’s grave. She mentioned killing a group of Orcs after we spoke of the blue flame we saw earlier in the day. Eventually she told us directions to RL’s grave, but sent out the officer that originally took us in to watch over us with some of his men.

Some way on the way to RL’s grave, the Eladrin officer attempted to ambush us with 15 of his archers. They were fairly weak, and they made it obvious they had worshiped Asmodeus. Thus when Leaf transformed into a devil like creature they had doubts and many turned their weapons down for the “Chosen One”. Leaf instructed them to go back to town and act as if everything was normal instead of slaying them. They left thinking he has a hidden agenda to double-cross the lich that the cult was temporarily working for. We do not know of Leaf’s true purpose…

We were eventually able to find RL’s grave site. It was a large mound, and there was a barrier preventing people from entering. Without much regard, Derdrin attempted to enter the barrier and was successful. Inside there were writings in dwarven including RL’s name, as well as a stone door presumably leading into the crypt. When Derdrin passed the barrier, Lady Jasmine comes out of the bushes all of a sudden and is dumbfounded as to how someone could get past the barrier. She said she had created a spell at RL’s request to keep people out. Pallas was with her as well. He got massively scolded by Derdrin, and Derdrin took the ring from him.

It’s roughly around here where Vice decides that Eladrin can shove it and if it weren’t for honor compelling him to finish his current quest he would let Eladrin deal with the issues that they cause by thinking they’re better and smarter than the “lesser” races that haven’t lived for hundreds of years. Arrogance is not intelligence and when they cause Neverwinter to blow up he won’t really care that much.

Jasmine, without telling us why the barrier existed eventually unlocks it. She had hoped we would have already taken care of the lich before arriving here. We all head into the crypt to see not a grave site, but a workshop and wizards of Thay, and Shadowmantle, and some ritual being cast on RL himself (he was not dead). Lady Jasmine shouts out to the dwarf “Brother!”.

You left out the very important part about Neverember heroically saving Pieter’s life. I’m surprised you forgot about that. He must need to mention it a couple more times.

Chapter Over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is going to be oh so bare bones:

I. We killed some zombies, talked to Jindo, found the Door with nine ring slots.

II. Left the castle. Aelar talked to the orcs, got them to scout out R.L.‘s grave site, promised to kill the orc king, King Obould (idk what his actual name is, that’s what it is in the books)

III. Went to Jasmine and got the rings. Gave one to Pallas so they weren’t all in one place.

IV. Mordai wouldn’t give up his ring, but Neverember did, but we have to bring him along when we go explore the grave site.

I’m sure there is a ton that I’m forgetting.

Fact Recap
Review what you know...

Please think about the facts as presented below and let me know what your character is thinking about them and the party’s next course of action. Things you know:

  • Neverember is the self-declared Lord Protector of Neverwinter. He wears the sapphire ring and had a mental breakdown when shown another of the rings. He pays the Mintarn Guard to act as city police. They are led by General Sabine. Neverember has an fellow for a mayor. He also promised Derdrin support in his quest for Gauntlygrym in return for rallying Dwarven citizens to like him. He is a politician.
  • Mordai is a very wealthy and flamboyant leader of the Merchant’s Guild. He is also a Tiefling. He has been very good the party. He wears the ruby ring.
  • Lady Jasmine is a priestess of Selune who the party has currently entrusted with the protection of the recovered rings. She did however leave them at the temple when she went out to visit her half-drow daughter…
  • There is a large Chasm in the city that regularly spews plaugespawn to attack the city.
  • There is a district taken over by a renegade sect of orcs who revere the spellplauged.
  • The Red Wizards of Thay have come to Neverwinter to do bad things. To do those bad things they have been collecting the rings of Neverwinter’s heroes, the Neverwinter Nine. These rings were made by the royal blacksmith R.L. of whom there is frustratingly little information available. They had previously been concentrating their efforts inside the catacombs of Castle Never. The party had discovered that besides undead minions the Thay’s leader Shadowmantle has ensalved an unknown amount of smaller cults to do her bidding. One known cult is the Ashmadi. During the encounters with the Thay the party has managed to “defeat” two high ranking Red Wizards and trap their essences in a glass orb. They have also managed to recover the person journals of one of these Thay that gives a good deal away about the Thay’s plans. It is also now known that Shadowmantle herself is no longer in the Castle.
  • The catacombs were built by the mysterious waterclock guild during the golden age of their order. There seems to be a confusing mix of powers and sources creating mechanical and magical difficulties. The Chamber of the Nine was locked away until the party released the last lock causing the Chamber entrance to decend from its hiding place according to the Thay’s notes. Also in the notes it is discussed that all 9 rings must be present to unlock the entrance to the chamber. And that Shadowmantle is in Neverwinter Woods trying to procure one of said rings from the grave of R.L. himself.
  • You now know that there is a group of dark fey potentially working for the Thay who now know everything about the rings you knew, including their current bearers or protectors and their locations.
  • Pieter’s tribe is in deep shit with Netherese forces, but does not want outside help with their situation. You did find Netherese forces on the Pirate’s Skyhold while attempting to recover the rings there.
  • You made a deal with the Ashmadi to recover their sacred scepter and free them from the Thay in return for allowing you to live.

You have many paths in front of you. What does your character consider most pressing? What more information does you character want to make a decision? Where would they think to gather said info. Did Minaus (idk how to spell it right now and I’m lazy) make up the dragon? Did Violet recover fully? Are you ever going to find money or items again?

*Sorry for putting this here, the mobile app doesn’t seem to have a way to add a comment. Vice is most worried about the threat involving the rings. He would say that leaving the catacombs and checking on the rings that were given to Lady Jasmine should be first priority, then Mordai then Neverember’s. The Asmadi stuff can wait since he thinks the lich has the scepter. What about the ettercap totem?
- you pretty much resolved the totem quest without having gotten it. I wouldn’t throw it away just yet though.

Chapter 22?

The adventurers have been travelling through the catacombs for long enough that they have felt the need to rest. Time doesn’t really seem to have much significance during the variety of battles they have faced. The undead appear to be at every turn, ready to feast on them as they enter rooms, or ambush the adventurers in a way that suggests Valindra Shadowsong has been watching them the entire time. Many have been turned to her will without knowing it and some have asked for reprieve from the torture that is undeath. Leaf seemed happy to give them relief through fire. Those that didn’t wish to become undead took their own lives or hid until they were no more. Quite a sad choice to make.

Minaes has been correct on more than one note, which worries Vice, though the others seem unaffected. First with the Hall of Mirrors, a truly gruesome sight, then with the beholder, who managed to petrify and dominate the adventurers during battle. Vice is worried about the huge dragon that the lone scout mentioned. As much as everyone else wants to believe, he wasn’t making up tales to seem more justified in being the only survivor.

The group has collected three Waterclock Guild cogs, all of different shapes, but no where to put them. There is also the strangeness of the hardened silk symbol that the Ettercap priestess gave the group. Through broken common she mentioned the tribe’s savior.

Chapters 21-2x

So, there was fighting in the garden, we got f***** up, it’s all the Dragonborn’s fault, and a tree coughed up a ton of magic items and a key. We went back to the drow camp, did some talking and some resting, and went back to enter Castle Never through the garden. There was a lot of debate about what to do with the key, and I have no idea what we decided.

Explored some of the ruins, did some fighting, found some stuff that what’s-his-name-who’s-written-on-my-character-sheet-that-I-don’t-have-right-now had reported, but no one ever believed him (he was a coward who ran away instead of trying to fight). There were some people who had been dead since the cataclysm, but didn’t necessarily know that. Some people said things as they experienced final death, the details of which are also on my character sheet so I don’t remember them. Eventually, we decided to go through the Hall of Mirrors, which replays the events of the cataclysm whenever living people walk through it.

Then, we enter the Catacombs, also known as the Waterclock Guild Maze of Confusion and Randomly Determined Encounters, where rooms can shift around and they like thinking with portals. Did lots more fighting and cartography, and where we last left off, we’re getting closer to finding the Lich Bitch™, we think. Of the things reported by coward-dude, we still haven’t run into a dragon, but everything else has been crossed off the list.

Chapter 20

The group meets up after shopping. No one seemed all that interested in buying anything, so they headed off to the House of Knowledge to drop off the books that Jin’do had stolen from there. Atalast was pleased to see the adventurers, but seemed more pleased to see the returned books. When asked for information about defeating a lich and the catacombs he told the group that the catacombs can change. He also mentioned that the Masters of the Waterclock guide were buried in the catacombs.

The group traveled to the Drow camp to lead the charge into Castle Never. As they entered the camp Aelar and Pieter saw the Half-Elf Zalban talking into a scrying orb. A few key words were heard, namely “Prince” and “Lich.” The Half-Drow who is second in command of the camp was also watching Zalban. When approached nothing of the conversation was mentioned, and Zalban seemed pleased to see the adventurers. He told them how fewer inexperienced fighters have been going into the castle, partially because of more strict rules of the camp, but more because the main means of entrance was sealed off since the adventurers were last at the camp. He informed the group that if they were to take down the barrier he would send reinforcements after them.

The Half-Drow gave them silk, gemmed gloves that could only fit Aelar. She was quite pleased with them since she sewed them herself. Leaf used this as a point to pull her from Zalban to investigate why she was watching him and what he was doing.[More stuff here…] When they got to the gates to the courtyard the Half-Drow left to return to her duties. Once she was quite a distance away she said, with a giggle, “Enjoy the lovely garden.”

[Blame the Dragonborn also goes here, but a little bit later]

Chapter 19

After coming back from shopping, Pallas approached the group noting that Leaf and Derdrin were missing among other disturbing news. He informed the group that the River district of Neverwinter had been burned to the ground and all the orcs slaughtered.

Disturbed by this news and worried for their friends, the remaining 3 and Pallas made for the river district where they found ruins, fire, and death. The sky pirates’ ship lies in wreckage on the ground below the shard. The Shard of the Moon had changed in appearance, with it moonbeam stairs turned fiery. From below it was seen a blue glowing from within the shard.

As the adventurers reach the summit of the Shard of the Moon, they are greeted by the familiar voice of Mordai Veil from behind a veil of flame. He informs the group of 4 that he as the leader of the Ashmadai has forged a pact with Derdrin to help stave off the They, and that Leaf was also given to Derdrin as a sign of friendship. He then tells them that they must not interfere with their plans, and thus engages them in battle along with 2 hell hounds and a frost hound.

The group was victorious in their battle against the Tiefling and his hounds, and Pallas attempted to snatch the ruby ring of the Neverwinter 9 from his fingers. The Warden notices this but it is all moot as when the ring is removed, Mordai’s body is engulfed in flame and then gone in an instant. The group heads into the Shard of the Moon only to notice a portal which depicts an icy looking corridor with statues. As the group contemplates what to do, they hear the voice of a demented Derdrin coming through the portal telling them that they should be scared to come through. Naturally the group decides to go through the portal

Once on the other side, the group realizes they are in some corridor made completely of ice with statues of Dwarves and bears lining the walls. They notice the properties of the ice which alter their movement significantly (+half of move in extra slide, move of 4 or more in turn = save or prone,increases force movement by amount moved aka double). Aelar seems to notice some of the statues turning their heads ever so slightly as to follow the adventurers as they passed. About halfway through the corridor, Derdrin addresses the group telling them to join him. Pallas tried to bluff Derdrin into thinking that they will join him if he lets them pass. Derdrin decides to have them “prove” themselves because without Derdrin and Leaf the group was weak. Several of the statues come bursting to life and engages the adventurers.

Vice charged a bear statue who in turn gave him the one two claw, critically wounding him and nearly defeating him in one instant. With some help from the spirits, Vice was able to make it through, even while in the grasp of an icy bear statue. Pallas was also able to utterly destroy the statues, and really showed how adept he was at combat. Overall, the group had not too much trouble with the statues. As the last dwarf statue was shattered by Vice, he noticed a metallic helm that was previously encased in ice. This was the helm of Seven Deaths and had 4 green gems in it. After placing on the helm and resting, the group proceeded to the next room.

A large room mad of ice with 5 rings of fire extending to the ceiling (a larger one in the center). The group hears the voice of leaf from behind the center flames. Leaf seemed eager to serve Derdrin and the cultists, and to destroy the group. He called out for help and while nothing seemed to happen at first, the group moved throughout the room and the party was on opposite side of the central flames.

All of a sudden, Two branded zealots appear from behind veils of flame on opposite ends of the room. Unlike before these zealots were wearing the equivalent of loin cloths with a brand of a dwarf head on their chests. These zealots attempted to make the group members bow to their master and drag them through the flames. One Succeeded on pulling Aelar, who found the flame circles housed a 10 foot pit. Luckily he did not fall in, but was instead subjected to a branding iron to the chest. Meanwhile, Leaf was focusing his attacks on The Warden and Pallas from within the central circle of flame. He failed to knock them into the fire pits and was eventually pulled out of the circle The Warden’s battle standard. Leaf quickly rectified this by teleporting away. He then focused he assault on Vice, by absorbing the magic from his armor to become more powerful. By this time the zealots were nearly defeated and thus Leaf was surrounded and wounded by his former friends.

As he was nearing unconsciousness, Leaf was able to break his bonds that had caused him to act out against his friends. He claims that Derdrin and Asmodeus were making him do it. The group does not take hostile actions against him from thenceforth, but decides to deal with him later, as it was only Derdrin that awaited.

As the group threw open the doors to the final room, they found a throne up a few sets of stairs and several more statues. The room was again ice, but this time the floor had some red fire that seemed to be glowing from below the ice. Derdrin is sitting on Khazash on the throne, and welcomes the adventurers. The only thing noticeably different is the giant hammer of ice he has with him. He then informs them that he never had any intention of letting them join him, and that he was just going to crush them.

Thus began the battle vs. Derdrin. Derdrin first acted by charging at vice and attacking him from over one of the 10 ft ledges in the room, followed closely by leaping over vice to get to Aelar and nearly destroying him in one assault. In the beginning, the group had a hard time keeping up with Derdrin, but eventually he was pinned down. Khazash tried his best to defend Derdrin clawing at everyone nearby, but Derdrin was nearly defeated. Determined not to die, he shared in Khazash’s life force, thus weakening the bear, but giving Derdrin strength again.

At this point Derdrin pulled out the giant ice hammer and smashed the ground, hitting Vice and Pallas, and cracking the ice floor below them. Rooted by ice, Vice and Pallas attempted to destroy Derdrin before he might destroy the floor completely. But they could not, and Derdrin let loose another swing of the hammer, causing the ice to shatter and Vice and Pallas to plummet 10 ft below into a pit of fire. With the major threats out of the picture, Derdrin focused his assault on Aelar and The Warden. But Pallas is still strong and sneaks out of the pit, and as Derdrin prepares to unleash a devestating throw attack against The Warden, Pallas is able to get a precise stab, which finishes Derdrin.

In agony, fighting to remain conscious, Derdrin knows he has been defeated and screams out in horror for his friends were going to kill him. Feeling betrayed and confused, Derdrin gives in to his defeat. The last thing he remembered was crying out “No,no…not….my…friends”…


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