Sunday Neverwinter Campaign

Chapter 18
This is off the top of my head and pretty rough

From the perspective of Aelar:

  • We continued trudging through the sewerage, tra la la la la, the sewers are so gross. We keep running into people who want to fight us, but that doesn’t usually work out for them. We went into a room with a bunch of kraken tentacles in it, I don’t know where the actual kraken was hiding, but it didn’t bother us too much.
  • After a lot of fussing with how we were going to open the door, we entered a scary throne room / sanctuary time place, where Arlen (Arlan? I’m too lazy to check the previous logs) Bladeshaper was waiting for us. Arlen had Madame Rosine chained to a wall with a bunch of bone pendants around her neck, and she did not look to be in good condition. He addressed Vice directly, but since Vice isn’t very good at the whole talking thing, it quickly dissolved into a fight (go figure). Unfortunately for Arlen, he must have sent all his lackeys out to slow us down, because he didn’t have any backup, and consequently we ROFLstomped his face. It seems like whenever I tell Vice and Derdrin to go attack someone they actually listen to me and we pwn face LIKE A BOSS.
  • Anywho, we knocked that SOB out. I attended to Madame Rosine and with the spirits help I kept her in stable condition (32 heal check bitches). To the party’s everlasting dismay, we found Violet under the throne with a bone pendant around her neck, but we took that shit off and she ended up ok. We also got Arlen’s ring. That was about the time Regis I mean Pallas showed up. He revealed that he was a Harper agent, as was Vice, and that they would interrogate Arlen for us and relay any relevant information. We also discovered Deegan was a traitor. We decided to rest up at Lady Jasmine’s, we stored the ring, got Rosine and Violet tended to, and crashed hard. I am a tiny bit worried about how stable the Sons are going to be now that their two leaders are incapacitated. Hopefully there isn’t needless bloodshed.
  • We decided it was time to visit our pretty boy ally Mordai. Mr Flamboyant had a friend he wanted us to meet, I don’t remember exactly who he was, I think his name was Prince Purple Dragon People Eaters of Cormyr. He looked like a badass but we tried not to look too impressed. He was saying he had a problem with giants and needed us to deal with it. We said we would take it under advisement, though Derdrin was his usual prick self. I think he’s compensating for something with that huge axe he carries.
  • We are finally getting around to going to Castle Never and seeing what the fuck is actually going on. I feel like we’ve attended to most of the party’s personal needs, and now we need to end the menace that is attacking the city. Then again, no one seems particularly enthused about potentially crossing swords with a lich. Also, I’ve been getting bad headaches lately, and really want to start figuring out what’s wrong with me. Visanti and Lady Jasmine both seem to have some kind of information about my condition. I’m still skeptical about this Helm’s deep place. Also, we haven’t run into the mayor at all as far as I can recall … I hope nothing imminent from my visions is about to happen. Drums, drums in the deep…. They are coming. ;)
Chapter 17
because I think we skipped writing anything for 16

So, we got out of the sewers and stormed Castle Never, with more Mr. Koolaiding. OH YEAH! (False) There was much badassery by all except Aelar, who had a splitting headache again. At one point this caused him to attack Leaf randomly and for no good reason (other than the fact that it would cause damage to an enemy, but whatever). Leaf got Dominated and hit Aelar back, and hard. Also, the bird died about 4 times or so (True). Aelar died a terrible, horrible, gruesome death, the details of which should never be repeated, at the hands of both the Thayans and the rest of the party. His body was desecrated in equally unspeakable ways. Then he got raised as a zombie and shambled around aimlessly. No one really noticed, since that what he always does when he has a headache. Also, Leaf explodes in waves of healing now when he kills enough things, so it’s all good. The party ended up crashing a floating island thing into the castle (OH YEAH! Again!), all the bad guys and Aelar are dead, we hit level 7, and everyone else lived happily ever after. The end (False).

(Only some of the above is true.)

The real story is much less exciting…

  • After the group rested in Jindo’s office they set off down paths in the sewers that they had not yet been down, hoping to find Pallas, Madame Rosene, or someone who actually knew what was going on.
  • They encountered a large number of Sons of Algondar trying to stop and contain them, most of them were killed during battle with the 5 adventurers.
  • One group seemed very lost, complaining about a halfling and swearing at Gregor who apparently left the rest of them behind. It turns out Gregor had a roughly drawn map and they didn’t know how to read it. When interrogating that group’s leader the adventurers found out that they had been unconscious for 3 days before they awoke in the sewers. The woman they were interrogating started crying hysterically because the group had killed her sister in the warehouse. This attracted another group of Sons to ambush them during the interrogation. The woman was killed in the cross fire of the battles.
  • This is when Aelar decided it was a good idea to attack Leaf. He may have done 11 damage to the warlock, who in turn did 20 some damage to two enemies. Leaf was then dominated and attacked Aelar. Aelar did come close to death at one point because his spirit companion did die a lot.
  • After a fight with some drakes the adventurers actually remembered they had a map (that they got from Gregor and the crazy crying lady) and decided to look at it. Everyone is good with maps except Vice, it would seem. It was determined that they weren’t far from Arlon Bladeshaper and they set off to find him again. This is when they hit level 7.
Chapter 15
  • While sleeping in the Sons’ Armoury the party was attacked by an overwhelming horde of town guards, bandits, knee-breakers, guttersnipes and a lone street urchin (all wearing bone pendants.) The party surrendered to the Sons.
  • Captured alive, the party awoke tied to a wall with a female tiefling (Coralee) cleaning torture implements behind a desk. Shortly afterwards, a red wizard of thay (Jindo) entered the room and threatened Coralee for not killing us. He said to wait until “Favria” gets back. -likely to put Coralee back in her place- Coralee said that she wanted to put devils inside of our bodies.
  • The party learned that the Thay are enslaving the Asmodeus cultists. Somehow they stole a holy scepter and currently the lich has it in Neverwinter Castle.
  • In return for our weapons, gloves of piercing, 80 platinum, and freedom, the party agreed to retrieve the scepter.
  • Shortly after being freed both Pallas (with a group of Harpers) and a group of cultists broke into the room to save us and Coralee respectively. After a brief tense moment hostilities were put on hold. Each group all went separate ways, with the party and Pallas’s group looking for Madame Rosine.
  • Traveling through the sewers the party encountered two groups of Sons. (340gp) Many of the guards were killed rather than left unconscious.
  • The party was left with a choice of direction. (3 or 4 choices)
Chapter 14
  • After interrogating the guards stationed in the warehouse the group discovers that Arlon did indeed kidnap Madame Rosene, but he keeps moving her from location to location to avoid her being rescued.
  • The party travels through a tunnel guarded by bone pendant wearing Sons and lots of poison.
  • The party runs into one of the last remnants of the Dead Rat gang leeching on the Sons. They take out the leader Rsolk and find out more of what his plans were in the city in the first place.
Chapter 13
  • Battle vs Lady Guard Captain Roberts – Defeated, found 100gp and Belt of Vigor. The party took the Lady Guard Captain captive, despite her attempts to kill herself. She admitted to having multiple masters and that she wrote the notes (not all believe her on this point.) Taking the “gear” from the bowl the party safely traversed their way back out of the crypts.
  • Outside the crytps the Pieter noticed that Pallas’s hart rate began racing and that he was missing. Vice saw a person climbing up a building with Pallas and impaled the kidnapper to the wall. The kidnapper was a drow and a Bregan d’Aerthe spy. His reason for attempting to kidnap Pallas was to find a way to defeat the Thay who are attacking the drow camp. The group took his weapons and agreed to bring Pallas to the camp later.
  • The group brought Lady Guard Captain Roberts to General Sabine and explained everything that was learned about the Roberts’. Sabine seemed to have already known about the Asmodeus influences.
  • Back at the Inn of 1000 Faces the party rested up and Leaf talked about his relationship to the Asmodeus cult.
  • The party then headed out to the Drow Camp. The party met Zalbyn a half elf with a fancy hat who was ‘overseeing’ the training going on. With him was a half drow lady. They admitted to be Bregan d’Aerthe and being sent to oversee this training camp. While the discussion was going on, the camp was attacked by a large number of corpses. The party helped the camp defeat the zombies/skeletons and was rewarded with first pick of the loot. Aelar magical picked up a spear from the pile of loot. The undead came from the Castle.
  • Degan then came in a hurry, saying that Madam Rosine and Violet were kidnapped. They were last seen with Arland Bladeshaper having a peace meeting. His people were trying to get this message to us but have been killed by Mintauran guards. Arland was last seen entering a warehouse in the river district.
  • Degan led us to the warehouse where the party broke through the walls and defeated a number of guards who seemed ready for people to break in. At the end of the fight Leaf exploded in a blast of fire and hurt some of the party members. Four of the guards were kept alive to interrogate.
Chapter 12
  • Talking to Atalast the party learned:
    • Atalast is recovering thanks to Aelar’s healing.
    • Atalast’s “story”
    • People are stealing books from the House of Knowledge. The people all feel like Leaf.
      • Books on Castle Never’s blueprints and history.
      • Netherese / Adventure books
      • Books on the Waterclock guild.
    • Quite a bit about the Waterclock Guild
    • The security password to get back down to see Atalast is “mouse”
    • Atalast’s stack of books are all mundane and likely important because they are in the Vaults.
  • Atalast helped the party search through books and the party found two books that mentioned R.L.
    Within one of the two books, the party learned that the nine rings were created for the Neverwinter Nine.
  • The party spent the night with Atalast in the House of Knowledge.
  • Upon leaving the House of Knowledge two of Neverember’s personal guards (not mercenary) were waiting to instruct us to meet with Neverember. The party decided to put off talking to Neverember for a brief time in order to safely store the rings.
  • The party headed to the Temple of Selune to talk with Lady Jasmine. The party put the rings in the box and requested that Lady Jasmine protect them for us. She knew one of the rings and was the lover of the rings owner, Charles. She told us more about the Neverwinter Nine and that Mordai Veil’s parent’s are both human.
  • The party then was stopped just outside the Temple of Selune by Mordai Veil, whom has an offer for the items we left with him previously. The party accepts the gold and schedule’s a meeting with Mordai’s powerful friends. (Leaf purchased a pair of Blackleaf Gloves.)
  • At the Hall of Justice, the party was surrounded and escorted to see Neverember. The party primarily discussed the aNetherese operations on the Pirate Island. Sparky was mentioned. Neverember told us the odd domes we saw are used to create “floating fortresses.” Leaf lied to Neverember saying that the other rings were already gone. Neverember became frustrated (he expressed that he doesn’t know why he’s getting all worked up over the rings) and dismissed the party.
  • The party then headed to Neverdeath to investigate the Waterclock Guild crypts. The crypt was full of traps (homage to the engineering) and was maze-like. The party eventually encountered and defeated a family of imps. After defeating the imps, Lady Guard Captain Roberts entered the room (from the side opposite us.) She explained what happened to Guard Captain Roberts when they were in the crypts looking for loot.
  • With her help the party reached the room where Guard Captain Roberts was locked away from Lady Guard Captain Roberts for a time. Inside are large statues of water elementals holding rods/beams that seem to contain scrolls and a dead body. Upon touching one of the statues the room begins to fill with water and water elementals appear from a small bowl at the end of the room. The party defeated the water elementals and placed the Waterclock Guild’s seal/key in the bowl to stop more elementals from spawning. At the same time Pallas successfully unlocked the drain on the room.
  • After retrieving the scrolls from the statues, Lady Guard Captain Roberts revealed that she was in fact a Cultist and the guards she had with her were branded zealots. She thanked us for helping defeat the water elementals and lamented that her brother was an idiot for touching the water in the bowl and immediately drowning. She explained that she had Guard Captain Roberts temporarily raised as a revenant.
Chapter 11
  • After thoughtlessly slaughtering Sparky before even considering he could be lost and lonely pet who doesn’t understand where all his friends went, the party stuffs their bags full of shiny things that don’t belong to them, the only things that made Sparky even consider being happy anymore.
  • The party intelligently decides to make a sweep of the rest of the woods covering the island in case there might be anything else of interest.
  • They happen upon a group of shades and dark ones channeling a weak portal. After thoughtlessly slaughtering the shades without thinking to ask if they are just following their orders and would really rather just be haunting a nice old tower somewhere peaceful, they get a good look at the portal before Aelar deftly shuts it down.
  • On the other side one can quickly see a giant structure that appears to be built on a floating island that has since then crashed to the earth. On the underside of the island are a myriad of white domes, of which only a few are glowing while the rest resemble burnt out light-bulbs, if anyone in the party knew what a light-bulb was.
  • Before noticing the giant structure, Pieter notices the slaves being forced into manual labor around it. Members of his old tribe in their hybrid forms slave away as other members whip them on from their human forms.
  • On the Skyhold side the group notices a pile of crates that had been stacked up and appear waiting to transport through the portal. Upon inspection they appear to be full of the most choice of relics from the pirate’s hoard. Some are clearly of ancient fey origin, some dwarven, and some bearing the mark of royal Neverwinter. These things are also added to the bag of stolen shiny things.
  • Pallas guides the party to the pirate’s sky-dock and proudly shows off his old find of an intact skyship. Leaf takes awhile to study the rune-wheel, but is a rather quick study and thinks he can steer the ship with minimal risk of falling to their deaths. After much debate, it is decided that the most impressive way of arriving back in the city will be to fly directly overhead and dock on the Shard of the Moon. A roaring Dragonborn instead of a figurehead helped to add to the impressive image.
  • Money and treasure issues are temporarily resolved leaving an extremely happy Madame Rosene and the party patiently and trustingly awaiting Mordai’s appraisers.
  • Deciding the finding out more information about the old royal blacksmith and these rings is the best lead to follow at the moment the party returns to the House of Knowledge. The refugees are still present, but have a much different mood than the last time the group was here. This time they look to be the weird ones as they take defensive positions around Leaf. They engage in normal pleasant conversation, though the refugees fail to mention that “The Ghost” has activated the libraries defense systems.
  • Walking along the path they found Atalast along before our heroes walk right into the worst of the libraries defenses involving magic crossbow turrets, reanimated common mammoths, and a lightning hallway. It would be interesting to know if Atalast activated all of this by himself considering the condition he was in the last time he was seen.
Chapter 10
  • The party returned to Neverwinter and immediately headed off to talk with Lord Neverember where he was brought up to speed about the sinkhole (refugees, Asmodeus cultists, ect.) The topic of Pallas was broached and the party decided to keep him along since the Red Wizards were likely to attempt to kill him again. After convincing Neverember to keep Pallas under our watchful care. During the discussion of the Red Wizards and their goal to get Pallas killed or find the ring that he had, Neverember flipped out and help Pallas against a wall and forced him to tell him more about the ring. The party learned that the ring was made by a royal smith and Neverember was told a tale as a child about the rings. Neverember himself always was wearing one of the rings, a Sapphire, that is part of proof of his “lineage.” Pallas told everyone how he acquired the other ring (that the party stole from him.) His tale was of heading to the Pirate’s Island and stealing one ring whilst leaving two behind because of a roar that he heard. Neverember requested that the party retrieve the other two rings. Warily the party agreed to take on this quest and asked for assistance. Neverember offered a one way trip by griffon up to the island.
  • From the Hall of Justice the party headed to talk with General Sabine. She explained to the party what she has learned of Guard Roberts. (Not much, it might have started in the Crypts.)
  • On the way out of the the Moonstone Mask the party was “accosted” by a band of Sons of Alangondar. They passed a message to Vice that Madame Rosene wishes to speak with us.
  • The party hoping to use the Eye of the Moon to travel to the Pirate’s Island headed to talk with the Lady Jasmine. Unfortunately the plan was destined to fail, the Moon could not be moved. Pieter handed off a collection of pendents for Lady Jasmine to destroy.
  • From the Temple of Selune the party traveled to the Driftwood Tavern to talk with Madame Rosene. She had some news about the other Sons: Her Sons took a crate of the pendents in a raid, They are rehabilitating some of the other Sons. (Vice might know more.) The party noticed that a cat named “Violet” was wearing a ring on it’s collar and that the ring was nearly identical to the ones the party is in search of. The party informed Madame Rosene of the Red Wizards of Thay and their intentions to acquire these rings. In response she gave us the Amethyst ring.
  • The party then headed to Mordai Veil’s. The party sold him the Hellthorne for 555gp. Mordai gave Leaf an Amulet of Protection +2. The Amulet was a gift from one of Mordai’s friends whom Mordai wishes the party to meet with. Pieter had his armor enchanted. (Did anyone else get anything???) The party noticed that Mordai was wearing a ring with a Ruby that was identical to the one’s that they are searching for. The party discussed the Red Wizards with Mordai, who was not worried in the least at the chance of them coming after his ring. He offered us usage of his wizard to make a portal to bring us to the Pirate Island and then back. We also had a set of Heart Touched Bracelets modified for use with Pallas. (So we can tell if he is running away.)
  • Briefly the party went out shopping. Leaf bought a Quickcurse Rod +1. The party as a group bought a Bag of Holding.
  • Aelar bought a pretty circlet.
  • The party then headed up to Pirate Skyhold.

*Pirate Skyhold in a nutshell (someone else can expand it): 4 combats. First a bunch of spirits, second a huge construct and some small annoying constructs, third some small annoying constructs and a pair of dark ones, fourth a blue dragon.
*The party retrieved two more rings and a carrying display box with room for a total of 9 rings and lots of other loot.

Chapter 9

The party found an “elaborate” magic construct to move platforms up and down the sinkhole. The party hopped onto two of the platforms and began their descent. The other two platforms were headed up and the party was accosted by three warlocks? and a mage. Leaf proceeded to fall down to the bottom of the pit, followed by Vice shortly after. After defeating the enemies, Pieter found a magical halbred on the back of one of the fallen. The party then continued their descent to save Leaf and Vice.

At the floor of the sinkhole the party encountered a devil and some cultists. Leaf and Vice were bound and sitting at the side of a precipice. In one corner of the cavern there was a jail holding a number of cowering “slaves.” Somehow the cultists knew Leaf’s name yet again. The party defeated the devil and rescued the slaves, of which they knew three. One was Derdrin’s mother, the other two were young members of Pieter’s ex-tribe. Leaf found a pair of magical bracers on one of the dead cultists.

Derdrin’s mother took Khâzash with her. Khâzash is to return within three days.
Pieter’s ex-tribe members discussed the splitting of his tribe and offered to try and get him accepted back into the tribe. He offered them his spare weapons and the 500 gold pieces, they accepted the weapons.

The party then began escorting the remaining captives back to Neverwinter. Unable to reach Neverwinter unmolested, the party was accosted by a pair of Red Wizards of Thay who were after Pallas and the ring. The party easily defeated the wizards and their undead hounds and kept Pallas alive.

Chapter 8
  • After retrieving Pallas from the escape attempt the group went to the stables and picked up some horses. They removes the mark of Lord Neverember from every horse but one to avoid questions as to why they were travelling with a halfling in shackles.
  • While Pallas lead the group to the location where he found Derdrin’s father’s axe the group came across some orcs. The orcs seemed pleased to come across the champions and were very forthcoming with information about the schism between Visani and the orc king. Derdrin seemed pleased to know that Visani was helping remove a threat to his homelands, Vice seemed worried that Visani was planning on expanding her control from just one district to the entire city.
  • When the group came across the location where Pallas found Dedrin’s father’s axe they were accosted by an elf who said he was with a group researching Shalandar. He was a friend to the Dwarf that Pallas had killed to end his suffering. The elf told the group that if they were to find any elven artifacts that they should go to Shalandar to return them to their rightful owners and he would vouch for them. The group did not seem to trust him as he refused to give them his name to avoid the possibility of punishment if they were to say he told them to come there.
  • At the site Pieter spotted some tracks that looked like they were Dwarven. The group assumed they were Duergar and followed after them after feeding Pallas a poultice to knock him out. They came across some cultists buying Hellthorn from a Duergar. After a battle little information was found about the whereabouts of Derdrin’s mother. Dedrin killed the Duergar and the cultists were left for the animals in the area.

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