8/4- I figure you guys don’t actually read the calendar invite descriptions, so this is just to remind you that I will be out of town for the next 2 Sundays. That means no 4E campaign on the 11th or 18th.

The newest version of the D&D Next playtest is out, and there are drastic changes to it. If you guys want to organize yourself to run one of the playtest modules when I’m gone on the 11th it could be a good idea.

5/7 – We have an upgraded account! Yay! We can do stuff with it! Yay! I will look into making it more awesome like as school winds down a bit.

3/21/13- There have been quite a bit of updates to the Playtest since the last time we attempted it. There are now monks, druids, rangers and paladins in the mix and all of it goes up to level 20. A lot of the things look totally different from the first rendition as well. If you are at all interested in giving it another go let me know and I’d be happy to run it for us.

11/8- A lot of stuff got thrown at you today. I really recommend using the character spot for npcs, adventure log, or making wiki pages to help keep track of all the clues and tidbits I gave you today. I have given you lots of subtle hints that all point to the same thing, but you hopefully wont see it until after it is already happening. But keeping track of little things I say might help you figure it out before it happens. For example that way Artemis said it, it sounded like Coralee helped Jindo in his “ascension” to greater power.

11/13- Would you guys be willing to push D&D back on Sunday? Say to around 4 o’clock (meaning 3:30 arrival time)? I would like to be able to attend a friend’s recital at 1:45.

11/6- I have to work from 2 pm to 10:30 pm this upcoming Sunday. Our options are Thursday night or Saturday morning, as int he 10:30 am to the 11 am range start time. Let me know your preference asap. Again your options are
A)Thursday night, late
B)Saturday morning
C)Call off for the week
10/3- If you could please get me a list of tentative dates that you think you will be missing D&D for the rest of 2012 it would be very helpful to me. With the holidays coming up it would be nice to know in advance if we need to move around dates so we aren’t skipping for a month at a time.

9/17- If you could let me know your decision as a group of where you would like to proceed next by Wednesday. That way I either have time to prepare how to fit everything in before 11 or give you enough time to work with me to write out your paragon quests.

As far as the paragon quests go, there are two different ways you can work with me. You can pick a paragon path and then work with me to discuss what you would need to accomplish within our storyline to achieve it. Or you can tell me a goal you want to accomplish and we can work to find/re-flavor a path to match it.

8/23- I have to work on Sunday from 3 to close, I will not be able to DM anything. If you guys want to try to get together to make another playtest attempt that is up to you to organize.

8/21- The DM hath spoken. Make your characters to level 3 please and thank you.

8/19- Evidently they added Sorcerer and Warlock to the playtest packet at GenCon and Nick and I didn’t know cause we downloaded right when it came out on Monday. So I added those as option slots as well.

8/18- We are not going to be meeting this upcoming Sunday. For the following Sunday Matt will be gone. Since we are getting to the very end of the heroic storyline I would rather not have anyone missing so they can chime in for their characters opinions and actions. Since there was a new addition to the D&D Next playtest I thought we could give that a shot on that Sunday instead. Especially because missing two weeks of play in a row involves missing a lot of story. If you are against this thought please let me know. If you are interested here is what I am suggesting:
*I suggest we all create the characters from the options given instead of the pre-gen characters.
*Send me a message with what level you would like to start as and we can reach an agreement.
*Send me a message with which role you would like to fill. I’ll fill them first come first serve.
DM- Kevin
Wizard- Alex Popo
Fighter- Nick
Cleric- Greg
Rogue- Josh
Sorcerer- Katy
*We roll our ability scores. I know it would likely be horrible, I just want to actually see how bad it is in a real play session.

8/13- The new Playtest Packet is out if you are interested in reading through it. You can now create your own character. As well as several revisions to the initial rule set.

8/6- Don’t forget to level your characters to 10, including taking a look at your theme’s level 10 features. Start thinking about your paragon paths and what your character might need to accomplish to earn them. If and when you make it back to Mordai’s estate he will pay you each 3,040 GP for Elvarel’s family inheritance if you want to think about spending your money ahead of time (you don’t have it yet though).

Brief history on Sharandar because it will get confusing. From -22900 DR to -1100 DR there was one elven empire of Illefarn. By -1100DR that empire split into 3, one of which was Iliyanbruen which covered the region of Neverwinter Woods. The capital of Iliyanbruen was Sharandar. When the Iliyanbruen empire finally fell many of its elves went to Evermeet, though some crossed into the Feywild and established a new copy of Sharandar there. Now Eladrin are a separate race from the elven race of Iliyanbruen and are traveling from New Sharandar to explore the ancient ruins of their ancestors in the mortal realm. So to recap: Sharandar is in Neverwinter Woods. It was the capital city of what could be both Aelar’s and the Eladrin’s ancestors. New Sharandar is located in the exact same spot in the mirror realm of the Feywild and is home to things born in the Feywild, but has been since -1100 DR.

7/24- I’m excited!!

6/27- This upcoming session is being moved from starting at 2 pm to starting at 4 pm. Let me know what you might be interested in ordering and we can eat dinner while we play.

6/24- A warning for anyone who checks this today. When I built the whole catacombs I rolled for the encounter in each one. You guys were pretty amazing at skipping every hard room and going in the easy ones. So watch your daily use, try your own second winds before Aelar’s daily heals, and try not to pull more than one encounter at a time.

6/13 – Just a reminder that there won’t be any D&D this Sunday.

6/4 – Thanks for being so flexible yesterday! I was feeling a lot better by the end of the day, but our regular campaign would have been just as boring as the playtest if I had tried to DM. If you haven’t already done so pretty please go take the surveys that are already up. WotC will be e-mailing you the link, so if you don’t have it already wait a few days, it might be on a timer for a certain amount of time after you took the initial download the packet survey. If you don’t get in the next few days let me know and I’ll look into it. We most likely will not being going back to the playtest any time soon because the undead are getting restless in Neverneath (I had to try it once… still looks and sounds stupid). When we do try again, would you be interesting in jumping to level 2 or 3?

5/31 – The first survey for the playtest is live from now until June 13th. That means if we want to run a playtest session and get our opinions in on the first round we need to use one of the next two upcoming Sundays, or schedule to meet on a different night before the 13th. Please let me know your opinion ASAP so we can make plans.

5/17- The playtest for D&D Next is opening up on May 24th, if you would like to you should sign up for it here

They are rolling out different aspects of the game slowly, so this initial packet will only consist of 5 pre-generated characters (as well as rules and an adventure). They are planning to release the character creation information before the end of the summer. The initial five will consist of a fighter, wizard, rogue, and two different kinds of clerics. One will be the mace and armor type, while the other is more of a mystic style. If you guys are at all interested in playing some of the playtest let me know. I would like to at least do one encounter of it at some point.

5/8- There will be no session on Sunday the 20th as we will be two players down. That is in addition to there being no session on the 27th. So enjoy the two weeks off, maybe look into paragon path plans or updating wishlists.

5/7- There will be no session on Sunday the 27th. We’re taking Khali cat hunting in Cincinnati.

4/18- A special stroke of luck this week if you would like to offer me some advice and vote on which mini most closely resembles certain NPCs as you picture them. You can click here to copy paste the codes into the Reaper Figure Finder to see them. Thank you for the votes so far :)

3/31- Since we will not be meeting April 8th, and I’m on spring break, I have some time to really work on a buffer. I really need your help by updating your item wishlists. The range for items I’m looking for is in the 7-14 range. That being said you’re welcome request all 14s, you just won’t get anything for a long time. If you have items you still would really like under level 7 that don’t have upgraded versions you should still include them. If they have upgraded versions, just change the number on your wishlist. I would also like it if you could rank things on your current desire to have them. You could do that in a 1-x system or just a need vs. I’ll get around to buying it system.

2/25- I am going to rollover strokes of luck. So if you don’t use it one week you can carry it over and have stacking strokes of luck. You can only use one per roll.

Sunday Neverwinter Campaign

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