Sunday Neverwinter Campaign

"Heroes" in Helm's Hold
  • After slaying the werewolves the adventurers ran from the coming guard. The beasts no longer looked like beasts, so explaining the issue would be a bit difficult with the only living one shouting the adventurers murdered denizens of the city.
  • The party rested in the Dirty Dwarf at Sylish’s suggestion. He is friends with the owner, Juetta, and she always has rooms on reserve for moments like this.
  • During the night the adventurers were woken up by the guards. It would later be found out that the grumpy dwarf had informed the guards of their whereabouts. Vice and Derdrin wouldn’t be taken into custody, knocking out 6 guards. Leaf and Pieter handled 3, but Leaf killed two and set the inn on fire in the process. Mari did not resist, but shouted for help when she heard battle in the other rooms. Everyone escaped the burning building via the windows. Vice, who was covered in blood and didn’t want to be called out, and Derdrin did not help quench the fire.
  • The party knocked out the grumpy dwarf and stole his payment, giving it to Juetta to pay for the damage to the inn. They left his unconscious body in Scar Alley, where they rested for the night to avoid the guards.
  • In the morning the adventurers went to see the Council of Speakers to inform them of the werewolf problem. With Sylish’s help they were able to clear their names for the murders that happened the night before. It was also found out that Rohini demands all corpses be burned to “stop the Spell Plague from spreading.” The party assumed it was because she hates the Thay.
  • A plan was hatched to eliminate the remaining werewolves from the city. They ventured to the inn where they were staying and challenged them. The werewolves, being quick to anger, came out of the inn for battle. All the werewolves were slain.
Skipping a lot of stuff...
  • The adventurers went to Atalast’s office for information about the Sludge child. They were turned away by the man in yellow who said they were too busy investigating things that didn’t involve the specimens we brought them. Pieter said “Mouse” which had Atalast run to the door and let us in.
  • The sludge child was looking pretty human, but still had black eyes. They were trying to teach her things and restore her humanity.
  • Vice kicked out the colored robed men because they were talking down to him and making it sound like the information they had gathered would be of no use to the adventurers. Images of Eladrin flashed past him as he sent them away.
  • They gave Atalast the book that was associated with the whistle and told Atalast about the conversation with Somon. The “They” that the ex-mayor kept referring to are creatures from Abier. He also couldn’t tell if the Spellplague is artificial or augmental.
  • Adventurer’s went to Helm’s Hold after blowing the whistle and causing the sludge child to scream in pain. All in all a good state to leave the robed guys in.
  • There had been murders in Helm’s Hold recently, usually of someone in or near to power (guard captains, etc.). People have suspicions, but most of it seems unfounded.
  • Involved factions are Pure Bloods – those that have lived in Helm’s Hold since before the spell plague and don’t like that it’s become a safe haven for those that have the plague. Heirs of Azure – Plagued people who are very proud of the fact they are plagued. They often have tatoos around it to exemplify the spellscar.
  • Mordai used to visit Helm’s Hold a lot in the past. He was trying to court the Prophet Rohini, who actually isn’t officially in high standing in the Hold. This courtship seems to have picked up again.
  • In the streets as the adventurers were headed to a place to rest for the night a group in fancy dress stopped them. Pieter vaguely recognized the man in the lead as Sylish Kreed, one of the few to speak up against his exile. He told us it was for the best if we leave the city.
  • Rohini stole Helm’s Hold from “The Master” (Clarburnus, the Prince of Shadows?) and they were going to take the Hold back. This group had been in the Hold for 6 years waiting for that moment. Pieter talked Sylish down, but his allies were quick to turn on him. After a brutal battle Sylish was saved and the guards came running.
Minecart Madness

The party initially tracked the cultists to see if they found “Her” but met only dead cultists and a dead mindflayer(?). Finding little of interest (besides the crates? in the one room) the party returned to take the mine carts.

The party split in two groups with Leaf Derdrin and Vice squeezing with the polar bear. The party zoomed down the track (sometimes going to fast and spilling out of their carts) and made it to a building that looked like a temple. The infernal temple was guarded by two devils and a number of duregar. Within the temple a devil was creating a portal to somewhere, but was killed by Derdrin before being able to do anything.

Run Away!

After resting for a short time, the party heard the horns of hunting parties, searching for the murderers of the Arch-Fey. The chase is on!

Amidst the attempts to cover the party’s tracks, Derdrin swept up the elven guide, and they both rode Kazash to the spot where the short humanoids had been disappearing. Derdrin pointed out the laughably obvious false face of a large boulder; upon Pieter’s arrival shortly thereafter, they quickly and just as easily discovered how to open the rock.

The false front swung down with relative ease as the rest of the party arrived — with a blazing inferno, courtesy of Leaf, hot on their heels, and the fey hunting parties not far behind. Another problem presented itself, though: a group of seven Duregar, caught by surprise and off their spiny mounts. A quick battle ensued, with Pieter yelling at the party to get inside the door and trying to close it before the fey hunters arrived. He was not quite successful — lifting a stone door from the inside with three Duregar standing on it is no easy task — but, with the help of Mal, managed to close the door just after the hunters arrived.

Strangely, the fey were unaware of the Duregar guards, including the one standing just outside the now-closed-but-breaking door. As the guards fell, the party noticed, siezed, and donned the odd talismen that the Duregar had been wearing, which seemed to render them invisible to the fey. The last to put one on was Leaf, who did so as he was stepping through a portal that traveled a short distance through the fires of Hell — leaving it open just long enough for the fey warriors to rush through to their fiery deaths.

With all threats suddenly no more, the party calmly continued down the tunnel in the rock, until coming to a fork in the path. To the right lay, as best the party could tell, more one-way traffic deeper into the tunnel, a smaller amount of magic item signatures, and the stench of brimstone. The best guess was that there were more guards — more Duregar for the slaughter, according to Derdrin — and possibly the missing shipments, including perhaps Mordai’s stolen goods, the evidence needed to clear Artemis’s name. To the left seemed to be much more two-way traffic and more magic items. Naturally, the party went towards where there would be more fighting, and were not disappointed. A few more Duregar, a Blasphemer, and (crap, I forgot, someone correct it in the comments and/or edit the post) presented a moderate challenge in a side room full of boxes. The party has yet to search the boxes.

Round and Round Neverwinter. When will we stop? Nobody knows.

- After fighting the Spell Plagued dragon the adventurers went into a carved out room at the back of the large cavern. In the room were two black pillars, tables covered with alchemical supplies and books, and tables with systematically mutilated bodies on them. The books told of a competition and a chorus, but they mostly seemed like the ramblings of mad med. When inspected one of the pillars lashed out at the party and they were forced to destroy it. Inside the goo that made up its body bones of a child were found. Inside the other pillar a little girl was found. She was crying the black goo from fully black eyes. Artemis suggested that she be burned with the rest of the research. The party did not listen, took the books, some of the potions and the girl. Leaf torched the rest of the room. Vice did not want to admit it, but he agreed with Artemis about the girl.
- Artemis tried to steal some potions with residium in them, but Pieter called him out on it.
- On returning to the manor the butler was very flustered about two Tiefling guests in the parlor. The male, who seemed to be able to control Coralee, stated he had 16 children hostage to ensure that he would leave safely. He said that the adventurers have as much time as they need to retrieve the scepter. He told the party a possible lead in the Duergar and attempted to offer the party rings as a token of friendship. Derdin did not trust the Tiefling, holding his axe to his throat the entire time and threatening Leaf and Vice if they took the token. Vice finally became fed up with the cult, telling the Tiefling off and everyone telling him to shove his offer of friendship. The search for the scepter is no longer a priority.It is believed that one of the cooking girl’s friends was one of the children taken.
- A letter from Sabine arrived, saying that Neverember woke briefly and that the party should go for an audience. A letter from Pallas suggested he had a lead on the scepter. He also invited everyone to his wedding.
- In Neverember’s chambers Sabine seemed very worried. After a brief discussion the party offered information from one of the journals found in the sewers for Jindo’s views on the Neverember situation. This led everyone to the thought that allowing Neverember to hold Jindo’s orb would help with his condition. After giving Neverember the orb he woke up, mentioned the fires of the primordial that feeds the crown’s power, and stated “The orcs, slaughter them all.” The party managed to convince Sabine to not treat that as an order.
- The next morning Neverember was awake and talking to his war council. Everyone seemed very focused on destroying the orcs. Pieter, Derdrin, and Vice did not approve of this plan. The talk was only tabled until Sabine mentioned Mordai’s monetary concerns about destroying the orcs. They are a source of money from trade and the majority of meat comes from orc hunters. Bladeshaper was more convinced towards not going to war after the discussion, but no one else really seemed all that swayed.
- The party picked up the “girl” from the priests of Pelor that they had left it at the night before. The priests were all too eager to be rid of it, but one younger priest didn’t think it was making random noises, but singing a song. Pieter noticed he had been grabbing at something in his pocket, which turned out to be one of the dolls that has been found throughout the spell plagued sewers. Vice, out of curiosity, blew on the whistle they found in the sewers after cleaning it several times. No one reacted to it except the young priest. In fact, he seemed to be the only one who heard any noise. The dolls are being sold by urchins in the Protector’s Enclave for a variety of things. This priest bought his for his nightmares, which have gone away since his purchase.
- The group traveled to the Temple of Oghma to meet with Atalast. He had 4 others with him that he requested come to help with the samples that the group had found. Derdrin did not trust them. None of the four reacted to the silent whistle. The adventurers left the samples and the “girl” with Atalast and his companions, telling them that they could not kill the girl for their research.
- The adventurers left and went to the Harpers so they could contact Pallas through the “appropriate channels” to not blow his cover. Pallas gave the adventurers a lead on a suspicious shipment that went to Thundertree and then inquired as to how he could get out of his marriage since he cannot get a divorce because Selune forbids it. He’s decided that he’s going to try and fake his death.
- The adventurers traveled to Thundertree, which was still abandoned, but no longer had the writings on the wall. They were met by a cautious Seeker of Elfarin named Mal. He had been watching over Thundertree because of the strange shipments that come on a semi-regular basis. His allies had lost interest in the city since it didn’t seem like anything would be a stolen Elfarin artifact. He had not been informed of what had actually happened at Thundertree two years ago. He also did not know about the Dark Fey that caused Whitemane to leave Sharandar. The Eladrin now in charge of the city, Captain Jasmine, had left out those details when telling the elves of the current situation.
- Mal was kind enough to lead the adventurers to where he always lost the tracks of the short humanoids after they took the shipments. Instead of finding Duergar like expected the woods came alive and attacked the party. Mal laid down his bow and refused to fight. First the spirits of the forest were defeated, then an Arch-Fey appeared. On seeing this Mal picked up his bow and ran. The adventurers defeated the giant stag and blue hooves appeared on their foreheads. The hooves faded after about a minute.

And then there was fighting

After finding Artemis, the party decided to get back out of the sewers, following a path chosen by Derdrin. The party came across and defeated several kobolds and a spell-plagued black dragon. Then, around a corner, there was an abelith (?) and its betentacled minions, who were also defeated. In the area where that fight occurred, there were several medium-creature-sized cages with dead medium creatures inside. Many of them were human of various ages and holding dolls. There is also a door that the party has not yet opened, but probably will soon…

Never a Dull Day in Neverwinter

After Aelar and Visani vanished it was moderate chaos in the castle. King Neverember fainted from summoning the power of the crown to protect his subjects from the spell plague fire that burst through the room. Upon consulting with Artemis it was determined that this is a magical coma. The spell could be broken, but no one knows how, so for now people will have to wait to see if Neverember can recover on his own. This amount of drain on Neverember when using the crown’s power made Atalast believe that his claim of being an heir is false or his blood is very diluted. These claims were backed by the fact his papers supporting the claim are forged.

Everyone but Derdrin traveled to Mordai’s to retrieve the Scepter that Vice and Leaf recovered from the Dread Ring. Upon arriving at the vault, which requires Artemis’ blood to open, it appeared that Mordai had been robbed. Artemis was accused of being a thief and he vanished through a dimensional door. Frustrated and angry, the adventurers returned to the manor Mordai had gifted them to meet with Coralee.

Coralee was not pleased to hear that the Scepter had gone missing and Vice was in no mood to listen to her complaints. Her sudden interest in the Scepter after going missing for two years to deal with problems in Waterdeep was not acceptable reasoning for the angry dragonborn. Coralee gave the crew a three day deadline to find the Scepter or her master would come for them. Vice and Leaf believed she was bluffing, telling her they aren’t afraid of her threat and showed her the door. Mari was confused as to why Vice was angry, but Peiter explained it as the dragonborn’s natural state of being.

The following day the adventurers picked up Mordai and, after a brief shopping trip so he wouldn’t sparkle in the streets, went to find information about the missing artifacts. They first checked Artemis’ tower where they found a large stockpile of residuum that Mordai claimed as his. Nothing else incriminating was found in the tower. The adventurers then hit the streets. Leaf did not have any luck finding anyone that matched Artemis’ description in the streets and Vice had little luck with Les Gen, who said she’s be on watch for him. Vice had one final thought that pointed the adventurers to Pallas. Pallas was more helpful, saying that his river cartel would be how any contraband would get in and out of the city. He let it slip that the Scepter was a cultist artifact, but the group played it off as a joke and Mari was none the wiser.

Having burned through all of the leads they could think of the adventurers went to Atalast to help him investigate the “artificial” Spell Plague that created the chasm. They gathered materials and went into the sewers to collect samples of the spell plagued creatures there. While in the sewers they were accosted by young Nothic Mindwarps, a Displacer Cube, and Black Puddings. It was worrying to find a Displacer Cube since they must be artificially created by feeding a Gelatinous Cube Displacer Beasts.

After defeating the Black Puddings Artemis was found crying in a hole. He was pulled from the hole and questioned. He was trying to find the group to help him clear his name, but the group was not going to help him without more information. After coercion, intimidation, and bribes, Artemis told the group what he knew.

Artemis was a slave to the Veil family for his entire life. He also wore the brand of Asmodeus for as long as he could remember, but he swore he was not a worshipper of the demon lord (devil… not demon!!! Lord of the Nine Hells). This gave the Asmadi the ability to command him, mainly Coralee. This led to him performing actions that he could see himself performing, but could do nothing to stop. This included opening a portal for the Thay to enter Neverwinter, and Coralee having him cut himself. He suggested that Leaf would be able to find the Scepter by giving in to the power of the Ashen Rod that he carries since it is the core of the Scepter. Jindo was also pulled out during this conversation, calling Artemis a worm, a slave to anyone who gave commands, and he should not be listened to. Artemis suggested that Coralee was instrumental to Jindo’s transformation.

The group took this new information and sent a message to Atalast to meet them at their manor. He will hopefully have more information on the Dreugar and the Scepter.

Back to Neverwinter

The party returned to Neverwinter for Mordai’s event.

Everyone went to meet with Mordai the day before his party, where at he gave us a special surprise. A house/mansion, all to ourselves, complete with staff to clean and guard it (first year paid off already.) Within the house were the clothes to Mordai wished us to wear at the party, hand picked by Mordai (Ahem, personally designed by).

The next evening was the party, every dressed in Mordai’s outfit (except Derdrin) and headed out to the party. Obviously, Derdrin was held up when entering the party but bullheaded his way in. Everyone was reunited with people we had met along the way through our adventures. (More could be added here.) Additionally there were many Waterdeep nobles at the party. After chatting with Neverember, an unveiling of statutes was done. One statute for each adventure plus an extra one for all the children who died fighting in Neverwinter Castle. The latter of which was not well received by many of the nobles, though we all appreciated it.

The party move back inside to continue. Someone screamed, a servant told us that her master and a fellow serving girl were taken captive by (driders? nope, giant butterfree men). The party with Vice in the lead rushed off, with Neverember to rescue the captives. With much difficulty both captives were retrieved and their captors slain. Upon return to the ballroom, Visani and her orcs had everyone moved to the center of the room and she was sitting on the throne.

Visani was glowing blue and seemed extremely unstable both in person and in control of the power from her spell scars. She seemed to want to marry Aelar and rule Neverwinter, everyone thought that was quite funny, but Aelar declined her proposal. In return she declared us enemies and fought us. Pieter valiantly held her off whilst the party saved all of the nobles and dispatched the orcs. In the end the party couldn’t defeat Visani. Aelar decided to do something and moved in to touch Visani. At that time the blue glow seemed to explode. Thankfully Neverember used his crown to protect everyone from the explosion. After the light died down, Aelar and Visani were both missing.

Paragon path recap part 3 and where do we go from here

Leaf and Vice: I was really mostly watching the football game at this point, and since this will matter more to Matt, I’m going to make this pretty bare bones and Katy/Kevin can fill in the gaps. The two of you decided to create a small hit squad, take our airship, and raid the dread ring for the scepter of asmodeus that corelee (sp? henceforth referred to as C) wanted us to return to her. Vice led a squad of 10 fighters, Leaf led a squad of 10 magic users, and Pallas led a squad of 10 rogue-ish types. Also, Atalast came along to map the dread ring. Vice definitely had the most control of his group. All of your posse died in the invasion, Pallas suffered a “mortal” wound but you were able to keep him alive (and now he is contemplating a religious life after his near death experience). You were able to recover the scepter. The baddies seemed very disorganized; there was no sign of Valindra or her phylactery. After returning to Neverwinter, you both searched for the whereabouts of C but were not able to find her. The scepter is currently residing at Mordai’s. Then Vice went to kill a lot of slavers, and became a Glorious Myrmidon.

Right now we are all in limbo waiting for Mordai’s soon-to-arrive invite to the gala. Currently, we have no immediate pressing objectives. This of course does not account for whatever social or conflict situations that might occur at or immediately following the gala. Below is a list of all the loose ends we could think of:

1) Help Prince Purple People Eater with the giants
2) Deal with dragon cultists at the dread ring
3) Help Pieter rescue his tribe completely from the netherese
4) Aid Derdrin in investigating/reclaiming/exploring the secrets of G 9and maybe the fire primordial)
5) Help Aelar investigate the spellplague/his visions and Helm’s Hold, if necessary
6) Kill the orc king (definitely on the backburner, as far as Aelar and others are concerned)

Aelar and I believe also Pieter would feel we would not be breaking our commitment to the prince of cormyr if we returned his gold. So far we have one vote for Aelar’s mission and one for Derdrin’s (guess who, respectively lol). So if you can think of any other options I forgot, or if your character has a strong feeling about one of these, post it here. Also, Katy might make our decision easier depending on what happens at the gala.

(This should be worth like 7 strokes of luck, btw)

Paragon Path recap part 2

Derdrin: Derdrin took freaking forever is the main takeaway from his paragon path RP. After we split up, Derdrin returned to RL’s grave site and continued to research the location of gauntlgrym (henceforth referred to as “G”). After pouring through RL’s work, Derdrin narrowed it down to 6 potential entrances for G. He went back to the city to recruit some dwarves to go on the expedition with him. Derdrin was initially very picky about who to bring with him, because none of the dwarves were up to his standards (they were uber city dwarves, who Derdrin dislikes). After mommy and daddy argued a lot, Derdrin finally settled on taking a large group (~100) of dwarves with them. Derdrin’s group started exploring and excavating the six sites, and they eventually found an entrance to G. The combined amount of time to research, recruit, plan, excavate, and eventually find G was about 1.5 years. Derdrin sent out envoys to other dwarven kingdoms and to the other bear riders upon discovery of G. Three bear riders (one of whom is Derdrin’s cousin) arrived, and Derdrin went about exploring G and establishing a base of operations there. It was during this time that Derdrin discovered information about the dwarves original fighting style whilst they were giant slaves, and Derdrin trained and instructed others in this “Avalanche hurler” style of fighting. It is assumed that Derdrin will be called away to return to Neverwinter, and he appointed a ruling triumvirate of a politician, war leader, and blacksmith to make decisions in his place while he was gone.

Pieter: Pieter’s PP was very sad. Basically, Pieter returned back to the remains of his tribe, the ones that weren’t crazy/savage/spending most of their time as werewolves (I believe the good guys are called “the forsworn”). Pieter is received back into his tribe but not fully accepted by them. He is not allowed to sit in on any councils (except war councils), and he doesn’t get to sit with everyone at the community camp fire. Pieter teaches the tribe about guerrilla warfare tactics, and he becomes the embodiment of the storm (PP = Storm sentinel, I think). Basically, Pieter does what does best, which is eat a shitton of damage and be a big distraction. The forsworn are able to break the spell / recover of few of their lost tribesmen. As the fighting continues Pieter notices the tribesmen he is fighting are becoming more and more feral. I forget how the Netherese are tied to this, but I think they are working with or enslaving the other half of Pieter’s tribe. Anyways, eventually Pieter’s forsworn are summoned to the Uthgardts tribes special place (let’s call it pride rock), and they coldly tell him he is not invited, because he is still not a part of their tribe and they just cannot bring themselves to accept him. Pieter takes this stoically. The forsworn say they will try and bring the other tribes back to rid themselves of this threat.


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