Sunday Neverwinter Campaign

Back to Neverwinter

The party returned to Neverwinter for Mordai’s event.

Everyone went to meet with Mordai the day before his party, where at he gave us a special surprise. A house/mansion, all to ourselves, complete with staff to clean and guard it (first year paid off already.) Within the house were the clothes to Mordai wished us to wear at the party, hand picked by Mordai (Ahem, personally designed by).

The next evening was the party, every dressed in Mordai’s outfit (except Derdrin) and headed out to the party. Obviously, Derdrin was held up when entering the party but bullheaded his way in. Everyone was reunited with people we had met along the way through our adventures. (More could be added here.) Additionally there were many Waterdeep nobles at the party. After chatting with Neverember, an unveiling of statutes was done. One statute for each adventure plus an extra one for all the children who died fighting in Neverwinter Castle. The latter of which was not well received by many of the nobles, though we all appreciated it.

The party move back inside to continue. Someone screamed, a servant told us that her master and a fellow serving girl were taken captive by (driders? nope, giant butterfree men). The party with Vice in the lead rushed off, with Neverember to rescue the captives. With much difficulty both captives were retrieved and their captors slain. Upon return to the ballroom, Visani and her orcs had everyone moved to the center of the room and she was sitting on the throne.

Visani was glowing blue and seemed extremely unstable both in person and in control of the power from her spell scars. She seemed to want to marry Aelar and rule Neverwinter, everyone thought that was quite funny, but Aelar declined her proposal. In return she declared us enemies and fought us. Pieter valiantly held her off whilst the party saved all of the nobles and dispatched the orcs. In the end the party couldn’t defeat Visani. Aelar decided to do something and moved in to touch Visani. At that time the blue glow seemed to explode. Thankfully Neverember used his crown to protect everyone from the explosion. After the light died down, Aelar and Visani were both missing.


Nymerias Nymerias

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