Sunday Neverwinter Campaign

Chapter 10

  • The party returned to Neverwinter and immediately headed off to talk with Lord Neverember where he was brought up to speed about the sinkhole (refugees, Asmodeus cultists, ect.) The topic of Pallas was broached and the party decided to keep him along since the Red Wizards were likely to attempt to kill him again. After convincing Neverember to keep Pallas under our watchful care. During the discussion of the Red Wizards and their goal to get Pallas killed or find the ring that he had, Neverember flipped out and help Pallas against a wall and forced him to tell him more about the ring. The party learned that the ring was made by a royal smith and Neverember was told a tale as a child about the rings. Neverember himself always was wearing one of the rings, a Sapphire, that is part of proof of his “lineage.” Pallas told everyone how he acquired the other ring (that the party stole from him.) His tale was of heading to the Pirate’s Island and stealing one ring whilst leaving two behind because of a roar that he heard. Neverember requested that the party retrieve the other two rings. Warily the party agreed to take on this quest and asked for assistance. Neverember offered a one way trip by griffon up to the island.
  • From the Hall of Justice the party headed to talk with General Sabine. She explained to the party what she has learned of Guard Roberts. (Not much, it might have started in the Crypts.)
  • On the way out of the the Moonstone Mask the party was “accosted” by a band of Sons of Alangondar. They passed a message to Vice that Madame Rosene wishes to speak with us.
  • The party hoping to use the Eye of the Moon to travel to the Pirate’s Island headed to talk with the Lady Jasmine. Unfortunately the plan was destined to fail, the Moon could not be moved. Pieter handed off a collection of pendents for Lady Jasmine to destroy.
  • From the Temple of Selune the party traveled to the Driftwood Tavern to talk with Madame Rosene. She had some news about the other Sons: Her Sons took a crate of the pendents in a raid, They are rehabilitating some of the other Sons. (Vice might know more.) The party noticed that a cat named “Violet” was wearing a ring on it’s collar and that the ring was nearly identical to the ones the party is in search of. The party informed Madame Rosene of the Red Wizards of Thay and their intentions to acquire these rings. In response she gave us the Amethyst ring.
  • The party then headed to Mordai Veil’s. The party sold him the Hellthorne for 555gp. Mordai gave Leaf an Amulet of Protection +2. The Amulet was a gift from one of Mordai’s friends whom Mordai wishes the party to meet with. Pieter had his armor enchanted. (Did anyone else get anything???) The party noticed that Mordai was wearing a ring with a Ruby that was identical to the one’s that they are searching for. The party discussed the Red Wizards with Mordai, who was not worried in the least at the chance of them coming after his ring. He offered us usage of his wizard to make a portal to bring us to the Pirate Island and then back. We also had a set of Heart Touched Bracelets modified for use with Pallas. (So we can tell if he is running away.)
  • Briefly the party went out shopping. Leaf bought a Quickcurse Rod +1. The party as a group bought a Bag of Holding.
  • Aelar bought a pretty circlet.
  • The party then headed up to Pirate Skyhold.

*Pirate Skyhold in a nutshell (someone else can expand it): 4 combats. First a bunch of spirits, second a huge construct and some small annoying constructs, third some small annoying constructs and a pair of dark ones, fourth a blue dragon.
*The party retrieved two more rings and a carrying display box with room for a total of 9 rings and lots of other loot.


Nymerias Nymerias

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