Sunday Neverwinter Campaign

Chapter 11

  • After thoughtlessly slaughtering Sparky before even considering he could be lost and lonely pet who doesn’t understand where all his friends went, the party stuffs their bags full of shiny things that don’t belong to them, the only things that made Sparky even consider being happy anymore.
  • The party intelligently decides to make a sweep of the rest of the woods covering the island in case there might be anything else of interest.
  • They happen upon a group of shades and dark ones channeling a weak portal. After thoughtlessly slaughtering the shades without thinking to ask if they are just following their orders and would really rather just be haunting a nice old tower somewhere peaceful, they get a good look at the portal before Aelar deftly shuts it down.
  • On the other side one can quickly see a giant structure that appears to be built on a floating island that has since then crashed to the earth. On the underside of the island are a myriad of white domes, of which only a few are glowing while the rest resemble burnt out light-bulbs, if anyone in the party knew what a light-bulb was.
  • Before noticing the giant structure, Pieter notices the slaves being forced into manual labor around it. Members of his old tribe in their hybrid forms slave away as other members whip them on from their human forms.
  • On the Skyhold side the group notices a pile of crates that had been stacked up and appear waiting to transport through the portal. Upon inspection they appear to be full of the most choice of relics from the pirate’s hoard. Some are clearly of ancient fey origin, some dwarven, and some bearing the mark of royal Neverwinter. These things are also added to the bag of stolen shiny things.
  • Pallas guides the party to the pirate’s sky-dock and proudly shows off his old find of an intact skyship. Leaf takes awhile to study the rune-wheel, but is a rather quick study and thinks he can steer the ship with minimal risk of falling to their deaths. After much debate, it is decided that the most impressive way of arriving back in the city will be to fly directly overhead and dock on the Shard of the Moon. A roaring Dragonborn instead of a figurehead helped to add to the impressive image.
  • Money and treasure issues are temporarily resolved leaving an extremely happy Madame Rosene and the party patiently and trustingly awaiting Mordai’s appraisers.
  • Deciding the finding out more information about the old royal blacksmith and these rings is the best lead to follow at the moment the party returns to the House of Knowledge. The refugees are still present, but have a much different mood than the last time the group was here. This time they look to be the weird ones as they take defensive positions around Leaf. They engage in normal pleasant conversation, though the refugees fail to mention that “The Ghost” has activated the libraries defense systems.
  • Walking along the path they found Atalast along before our heroes walk right into the worst of the libraries defenses involving magic crossbow turrets, reanimated common mammoths, and a lightning hallway. It would be interesting to know if Atalast activated all of this by himself considering the condition he was in the last time he was seen.


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