Sunday Neverwinter Campaign

Chapter 19

After coming back from shopping, Pallas approached the group noting that Leaf and Derdrin were missing among other disturbing news. He informed the group that the River district of Neverwinter had been burned to the ground and all the orcs slaughtered.

Disturbed by this news and worried for their friends, the remaining 3 and Pallas made for the river district where they found ruins, fire, and death. The sky pirates’ ship lies in wreckage on the ground below the shard. The Shard of the Moon had changed in appearance, with it moonbeam stairs turned fiery. From below it was seen a blue glowing from within the shard.

As the adventurers reach the summit of the Shard of the Moon, they are greeted by the familiar voice of Mordai Veil from behind a veil of flame. He informs the group of 4 that he as the leader of the Ashmadai has forged a pact with Derdrin to help stave off the They, and that Leaf was also given to Derdrin as a sign of friendship. He then tells them that they must not interfere with their plans, and thus engages them in battle along with 2 hell hounds and a frost hound.

The group was victorious in their battle against the Tiefling and his hounds, and Pallas attempted to snatch the ruby ring of the Neverwinter 9 from his fingers. The Warden notices this but it is all moot as when the ring is removed, Mordai’s body is engulfed in flame and then gone in an instant. The group heads into the Shard of the Moon only to notice a portal which depicts an icy looking corridor with statues. As the group contemplates what to do, they hear the voice of a demented Derdrin coming through the portal telling them that they should be scared to come through. Naturally the group decides to go through the portal

Once on the other side, the group realizes they are in some corridor made completely of ice with statues of Dwarves and bears lining the walls. They notice the properties of the ice which alter their movement significantly (+half of move in extra slide, move of 4 or more in turn = save or prone,increases force movement by amount moved aka double). Aelar seems to notice some of the statues turning their heads ever so slightly as to follow the adventurers as they passed. About halfway through the corridor, Derdrin addresses the group telling them to join him. Pallas tried to bluff Derdrin into thinking that they will join him if he lets them pass. Derdrin decides to have them “prove” themselves because without Derdrin and Leaf the group was weak. Several of the statues come bursting to life and engages the adventurers.

Vice charged a bear statue who in turn gave him the one two claw, critically wounding him and nearly defeating him in one instant. With some help from the spirits, Vice was able to make it through, even while in the grasp of an icy bear statue. Pallas was also able to utterly destroy the statues, and really showed how adept he was at combat. Overall, the group had not too much trouble with the statues. As the last dwarf statue was shattered by Vice, he noticed a metallic helm that was previously encased in ice. This was the helm of Seven Deaths and had 4 green gems in it. After placing on the helm and resting, the group proceeded to the next room.

A large room mad of ice with 5 rings of fire extending to the ceiling (a larger one in the center). The group hears the voice of leaf from behind the center flames. Leaf seemed eager to serve Derdrin and the cultists, and to destroy the group. He called out for help and while nothing seemed to happen at first, the group moved throughout the room and the party was on opposite side of the central flames.

All of a sudden, Two branded zealots appear from behind veils of flame on opposite ends of the room. Unlike before these zealots were wearing the equivalent of loin cloths with a brand of a dwarf head on their chests. These zealots attempted to make the group members bow to their master and drag them through the flames. One Succeeded on pulling Aelar, who found the flame circles housed a 10 foot pit. Luckily he did not fall in, but was instead subjected to a branding iron to the chest. Meanwhile, Leaf was focusing his attacks on The Warden and Pallas from within the central circle of flame. He failed to knock them into the fire pits and was eventually pulled out of the circle The Warden’s battle standard. Leaf quickly rectified this by teleporting away. He then focused he assault on Vice, by absorbing the magic from his armor to become more powerful. By this time the zealots were nearly defeated and thus Leaf was surrounded and wounded by his former friends.

As he was nearing unconsciousness, Leaf was able to break his bonds that had caused him to act out against his friends. He claims that Derdrin and Asmodeus were making him do it. The group does not take hostile actions against him from thenceforth, but decides to deal with him later, as it was only Derdrin that awaited.

As the group threw open the doors to the final room, they found a throne up a few sets of stairs and several more statues. The room was again ice, but this time the floor had some red fire that seemed to be glowing from below the ice. Derdrin is sitting on Khazash on the throne, and welcomes the adventurers. The only thing noticeably different is the giant hammer of ice he has with him. He then informs them that he never had any intention of letting them join him, and that he was just going to crush them.

Thus began the battle vs. Derdrin. Derdrin first acted by charging at vice and attacking him from over one of the 10 ft ledges in the room, followed closely by leaping over vice to get to Aelar and nearly destroying him in one assault. In the beginning, the group had a hard time keeping up with Derdrin, but eventually he was pinned down. Khazash tried his best to defend Derdrin clawing at everyone nearby, but Derdrin was nearly defeated. Determined not to die, he shared in Khazash’s life force, thus weakening the bear, but giving Derdrin strength again.

At this point Derdrin pulled out the giant ice hammer and smashed the ground, hitting Vice and Pallas, and cracking the ice floor below them. Rooted by ice, Vice and Pallas attempted to destroy Derdrin before he might destroy the floor completely. But they could not, and Derdrin let loose another swing of the hammer, causing the ice to shatter and Vice and Pallas to plummet 10 ft below into a pit of fire. With the major threats out of the picture, Derdrin focused his assault on Aelar and The Warden. But Pallas is still strong and sneaks out of the pit, and as Derdrin prepares to unleash a devestating throw attack against The Warden, Pallas is able to get a precise stab, which finishes Derdrin.

In agony, fighting to remain conscious, Derdrin knows he has been defeated and screams out in horror for his friends were going to kill him. Feeling betrayed and confused, Derdrin gives in to his defeat. The last thing he remembered was crying out “No,no…not….my…friends”…


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