Sunday Neverwinter Campaign

Chapter 6

  • Once inside the River District the denizens assume the party has paid the toll and have no reason to pick a fight with them. They have no problem pointing the party in the direction of the Fallen Tower where they can find Vasani and Vagdru, their best sources for help.
  • Along the way they are confronted with familiar snarls, a pack of Dead Rats have been following the group waiting for an opportunity to strike and get revenge for their murdered comrades. Aelar quickly points out that these wererats are wearing the bone pendants that have been driving the Nashers mad. The Nashers were indeed in league with the Dead Rats as several Nashers themselves appeared aiding the Rats in their revenge.
  • Making it to the Fallen Tower the group heeds their informants warning and come in ready to lay down some silver for the information they want. Buying a round of Vagdru’s Special Brew they impress the one-eared bartender by not instantly spitting out their first gulps. Though they still look far too puny and weak to accomplish the task they are inquiring about.
  • The orc leader Vasani takes an interest in the party, mostly coming over to introduce herself to a fellow spellscared. She informs them that if they can convince Vagdru and the other orcs that they are not as puny and weak as they look, that they could use the orcs method of getting into the Shard of Night.
  • After a shaky start the group puts on quite a show and gains the good will of the orcs, if at least just for being entertaining cause they are still puny and weak.


Aelar’s notes:

- Extremely intrigued by the variety of spellscarred people seen in the city, particularly Visani, Lady Jasmine’s knowledge of the spellscar, and my troubling visions.
- At the moment don’t feel a particularly strong connection to the rest of the group, who more than likely knows that I am afflicted in this way; however, the group seems like it gets stuff done, and would be a good medium for me to learn more about my condition.
- Intrigued by drow camp, as an elf been raised to think that all drow are evil; not super important to my main quest but naturally attracted to learning more about another misfit (good drow)
- Still pro-Vice, neutral Pieter, slight dislike for Leaf and Derdrin ((because of shady morals / disregard for (orc) life, respectively)). However, tending the wounds of the party has made me more empathetic towards them and their personal quests.

Chapter 6
Nymerias Nymerias

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