Sunday Neverwinter Campaign

Chapters 21-2x

So, there was fighting in the garden, we got f***** up, it’s all the Dragonborn’s fault, and a tree coughed up a ton of magic items and a key. We went back to the drow camp, did some talking and some resting, and went back to enter Castle Never through the garden. There was a lot of debate about what to do with the key, and I have no idea what we decided.

Explored some of the ruins, did some fighting, found some stuff that what’s-his-name-who’s-written-on-my-character-sheet-that-I-don’t-have-right-now had reported, but no one ever believed him (he was a coward who ran away instead of trying to fight). There were some people who had been dead since the cataclysm, but didn’t necessarily know that. Some people said things as they experienced final death, the details of which are also on my character sheet so I don’t remember them. Eventually, we decided to go through the Hall of Mirrors, which replays the events of the cataclysm whenever living people walk through it.

Then, we enter the Catacombs, also known as the Waterclock Guild Maze of Confusion and Randomly Determined Encounters, where rooms can shift around and they like thinking with portals. Did lots more fighting and cartography, and where we last left off, we’re getting closer to finding the Lich Bitch™, we think. Of the things reported by coward-dude, we still haven’t run into a dragon, but everything else has been crossed off the list.


Nymerias gangle

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