Sunday Neverwinter Campaign

Fact Recap

Review what you know...

Please think about the facts as presented below and let me know what your character is thinking about them and the party’s next course of action. Things you know:

  • Neverember is the self-declared Lord Protector of Neverwinter. He wears the sapphire ring and had a mental breakdown when shown another of the rings. He pays the Mintarn Guard to act as city police. They are led by General Sabine. Neverember has an fellow for a mayor. He also promised Derdrin support in his quest for Gauntlygrym in return for rallying Dwarven citizens to like him. He is a politician.
  • Mordai is a very wealthy and flamboyant leader of the Merchant’s Guild. He is also a Tiefling. He has been very good the party. He wears the ruby ring.
  • Lady Jasmine is a priestess of Selune who the party has currently entrusted with the protection of the recovered rings. She did however leave them at the temple when she went out to visit her half-drow daughter…
  • There is a large Chasm in the city that regularly spews plaugespawn to attack the city.
  • There is a district taken over by a renegade sect of orcs who revere the spellplauged.
  • The Red Wizards of Thay have come to Neverwinter to do bad things. To do those bad things they have been collecting the rings of Neverwinter’s heroes, the Neverwinter Nine. These rings were made by the royal blacksmith R.L. of whom there is frustratingly little information available. They had previously been concentrating their efforts inside the catacombs of Castle Never. The party had discovered that besides undead minions the Thay’s leader Shadowmantle has ensalved an unknown amount of smaller cults to do her bidding. One known cult is the Ashmadi. During the encounters with the Thay the party has managed to “defeat” two high ranking Red Wizards and trap their essences in a glass orb. They have also managed to recover the person journals of one of these Thay that gives a good deal away about the Thay’s plans. It is also now known that Shadowmantle herself is no longer in the Castle.
  • The catacombs were built by the mysterious waterclock guild during the golden age of their order. There seems to be a confusing mix of powers and sources creating mechanical and magical difficulties. The Chamber of the Nine was locked away until the party released the last lock causing the Chamber entrance to decend from its hiding place according to the Thay’s notes. Also in the notes it is discussed that all 9 rings must be present to unlock the entrance to the chamber. And that Shadowmantle is in Neverwinter Woods trying to procure one of said rings from the grave of R.L. himself.
  • You now know that there is a group of dark fey potentially working for the Thay who now know everything about the rings you knew, including their current bearers or protectors and their locations.
  • Pieter’s tribe is in deep shit with Netherese forces, but does not want outside help with their situation. You did find Netherese forces on the Pirate’s Skyhold while attempting to recover the rings there.
  • You made a deal with the Ashmadi to recover their sacred scepter and free them from the Thay in return for allowing you to live.

You have many paths in front of you. What does your character consider most pressing? What more information does you character want to make a decision? Where would they think to gather said info. Did Minaus (idk how to spell it right now and I’m lazy) make up the dragon? Did Violet recover fully? Are you ever going to find money or items again?

*Sorry for putting this here, the mobile app doesn’t seem to have a way to add a comment. Vice is most worried about the threat involving the rings. He would say that leaving the catacombs and checking on the rings that were given to Lady Jasmine should be first priority, then Mordai then Neverember’s. The Asmadi stuff can wait since he thinks the lich has the scepter. What about the ettercap totem?
- you pretty much resolved the totem quest without having gotten it. I wouldn’t throw it away just yet though.


stopping shadowmantle >>> stopping general undead threat to city/surrounding area in conjunction with aelar’s vision / stopping the thay >>> can neverember competently run the city and is he a genuinely good leader >>>>> don’t care about our deal with the ashmadi > not really invested in pieters tribe

Fact Recap

Pieter feels very, um, embarrassed that he (and the mysterious force controlling his actions) completely fell for the Jasmine deception. He was under the impression that the chamber was unlocked now (didn’t know that all 9 rings were needed to unlock it), but is also very concerned for Jasmine. First priority would be investigating the chamber quickly (unless it’s locked) since the party is already nearby, but other forces could also still be lurking; then getting back to the temple as soon as possible. As much as it hurts, resting extendedly doesn’t seem like an option until the rings, Jasmine, and Violet are safe.

As much as he’d like to get back to the tribe, the rings seem to be a higher priority, since much more is at stake.

Fact Recap

good point – def under the impression you said the chamber was unlocked. maybe im mixing up areas of the castle that are unlocked, but i thought you said that. i agree with pieter – check and see if chamber is unlocked, and obviously pit-stopping at the temple and any other place we are absolutely needed before charging off after valindra.

Fact Recap

I apologize for the confusion. It is my fault for using the words “unlocked” in my descriptions. I was trying to describe through Elvarel’s journals that the Chamber was unreachable without using the control rooms to “unlock” it, or essentially make it reachable. There was likely a disconnect between the words I thought I said and the words that came out of my mouth. The sounds you heard after inserting the gear was the entrance of the chamber descending from a ceiling somewhere. According to his journal as well the rings are for opening the entrance. You can take his conveniently placed writings as whatever you would like.

Fact Recap
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