Sunday Neverwinter Campaign

Paragon path recap part 3 and where do we go from here

Leaf and Vice: I was really mostly watching the football game at this point, and since this will matter more to Matt, I’m going to make this pretty bare bones and Katy/Kevin can fill in the gaps. The two of you decided to create a small hit squad, take our airship, and raid the dread ring for the scepter of asmodeus that corelee (sp? henceforth referred to as C) wanted us to return to her. Vice led a squad of 10 fighters, Leaf led a squad of 10 magic users, and Pallas led a squad of 10 rogue-ish types. Also, Atalast came along to map the dread ring. Vice definitely had the most control of his group. All of your posse died in the invasion, Pallas suffered a “mortal” wound but you were able to keep him alive (and now he is contemplating a religious life after his near death experience). You were able to recover the scepter. The baddies seemed very disorganized; there was no sign of Valindra or her phylactery. After returning to Neverwinter, you both searched for the whereabouts of C but were not able to find her. The scepter is currently residing at Mordai’s. Then Vice went to kill a lot of slavers, and became a Glorious Myrmidon.

Right now we are all in limbo waiting for Mordai’s soon-to-arrive invite to the gala. Currently, we have no immediate pressing objectives. This of course does not account for whatever social or conflict situations that might occur at or immediately following the gala. Below is a list of all the loose ends we could think of:

1) Help Prince Purple People Eater with the giants
2) Deal with dragon cultists at the dread ring
3) Help Pieter rescue his tribe completely from the netherese
4) Aid Derdrin in investigating/reclaiming/exploring the secrets of G 9and maybe the fire primordial)
5) Help Aelar investigate the spellplague/his visions and Helm’s Hold, if necessary
6) Kill the orc king (definitely on the backburner, as far as Aelar and others are concerned)

Aelar and I believe also Pieter would feel we would not be breaking our commitment to the prince of cormyr if we returned his gold. So far we have one vote for Aelar’s mission and one for Derdrin’s (guess who, respectively lol). So if you can think of any other options I forgot, or if your character has a strong feeling about one of these, post it here. Also, Katy might make our decision easier depending on what happens at the gala.

(This should be worth like 7 strokes of luck, btw)


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