Sunday Neverwinter Campaign

Round and Round Neverwinter. When will we stop? Nobody knows.

- After fighting the Spell Plagued dragon the adventurers went into a carved out room at the back of the large cavern. In the room were two black pillars, tables covered with alchemical supplies and books, and tables with systematically mutilated bodies on them. The books told of a competition and a chorus, but they mostly seemed like the ramblings of mad med. When inspected one of the pillars lashed out at the party and they were forced to destroy it. Inside the goo that made up its body bones of a child were found. Inside the other pillar a little girl was found. She was crying the black goo from fully black eyes. Artemis suggested that she be burned with the rest of the research. The party did not listen, took the books, some of the potions and the girl. Leaf torched the rest of the room. Vice did not want to admit it, but he agreed with Artemis about the girl.
- Artemis tried to steal some potions with residium in them, but Pieter called him out on it.
- On returning to the manor the butler was very flustered about two Tiefling guests in the parlor. The male, who seemed to be able to control Coralee, stated he had 16 children hostage to ensure that he would leave safely. He said that the adventurers have as much time as they need to retrieve the scepter. He told the party a possible lead in the Duergar and attempted to offer the party rings as a token of friendship. Derdin did not trust the Tiefling, holding his axe to his throat the entire time and threatening Leaf and Vice if they took the token. Vice finally became fed up with the cult, telling the Tiefling off and everyone telling him to shove his offer of friendship. The search for the scepter is no longer a priority.It is believed that one of the cooking girl’s friends was one of the children taken.
- A letter from Sabine arrived, saying that Neverember woke briefly and that the party should go for an audience. A letter from Pallas suggested he had a lead on the scepter. He also invited everyone to his wedding.
- In Neverember’s chambers Sabine seemed very worried. After a brief discussion the party offered information from one of the journals found in the sewers for Jindo’s views on the Neverember situation. This led everyone to the thought that allowing Neverember to hold Jindo’s orb would help with his condition. After giving Neverember the orb he woke up, mentioned the fires of the primordial that feeds the crown’s power, and stated “The orcs, slaughter them all.” The party managed to convince Sabine to not treat that as an order.
- The next morning Neverember was awake and talking to his war council. Everyone seemed very focused on destroying the orcs. Pieter, Derdrin, and Vice did not approve of this plan. The talk was only tabled until Sabine mentioned Mordai’s monetary concerns about destroying the orcs. They are a source of money from trade and the majority of meat comes from orc hunters. Bladeshaper was more convinced towards not going to war after the discussion, but no one else really seemed all that swayed.
- The party picked up the “girl” from the priests of Pelor that they had left it at the night before. The priests were all too eager to be rid of it, but one younger priest didn’t think it was making random noises, but singing a song. Pieter noticed he had been grabbing at something in his pocket, which turned out to be one of the dolls that has been found throughout the spell plagued sewers. Vice, out of curiosity, blew on the whistle they found in the sewers after cleaning it several times. No one reacted to it except the young priest. In fact, he seemed to be the only one who heard any noise. The dolls are being sold by urchins in the Protector’s Enclave for a variety of things. This priest bought his for his nightmares, which have gone away since his purchase.
- The group traveled to the Temple of Oghma to meet with Atalast. He had 4 others with him that he requested come to help with the samples that the group had found. Derdrin did not trust them. None of the four reacted to the silent whistle. The adventurers left the samples and the “girl” with Atalast and his companions, telling them that they could not kill the girl for their research.
- The adventurers left and went to the Harpers so they could contact Pallas through the “appropriate channels” to not blow his cover. Pallas gave the adventurers a lead on a suspicious shipment that went to Thundertree and then inquired as to how he could get out of his marriage since he cannot get a divorce because Selune forbids it. He’s decided that he’s going to try and fake his death.
- The adventurers traveled to Thundertree, which was still abandoned, but no longer had the writings on the wall. They were met by a cautious Seeker of Elfarin named Mal. He had been watching over Thundertree because of the strange shipments that come on a semi-regular basis. His allies had lost interest in the city since it didn’t seem like anything would be a stolen Elfarin artifact. He had not been informed of what had actually happened at Thundertree two years ago. He also did not know about the Dark Fey that caused Whitemane to leave Sharandar. The Eladrin now in charge of the city, Captain Jasmine, had left out those details when telling the elves of the current situation.
- Mal was kind enough to lead the adventurers to where he always lost the tracks of the short humanoids after they took the shipments. Instead of finding Duergar like expected the woods came alive and attacked the party. Mal laid down his bow and refused to fight. First the spirits of the forest were defeated, then an Arch-Fey appeared. On seeing this Mal picked up his bow and ran. The adventurers defeated the giant stag and blue hooves appeared on their foreheads. The hooves faded after about a minute.


Nymerias Kinsoto

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