Sunday Neverwinter Campaign

Run Away!

After resting for a short time, the party heard the horns of hunting parties, searching for the murderers of the Arch-Fey. The chase is on!

Amidst the attempts to cover the party’s tracks, Derdrin swept up the elven guide, and they both rode Kazash to the spot where the short humanoids had been disappearing. Derdrin pointed out the laughably obvious false face of a large boulder; upon Pieter’s arrival shortly thereafter, they quickly and just as easily discovered how to open the rock.

The false front swung down with relative ease as the rest of the party arrived — with a blazing inferno, courtesy of Leaf, hot on their heels, and the fey hunting parties not far behind. Another problem presented itself, though: a group of seven Duregar, caught by surprise and off their spiny mounts. A quick battle ensued, with Pieter yelling at the party to get inside the door and trying to close it before the fey hunters arrived. He was not quite successful — lifting a stone door from the inside with three Duregar standing on it is no easy task — but, with the help of Mal, managed to close the door just after the hunters arrived.

Strangely, the fey were unaware of the Duregar guards, including the one standing just outside the now-closed-but-breaking door. As the guards fell, the party noticed, siezed, and donned the odd talismen that the Duregar had been wearing, which seemed to render them invisible to the fey. The last to put one on was Leaf, who did so as he was stepping through a portal that traveled a short distance through the fires of Hell — leaving it open just long enough for the fey warriors to rush through to their fiery deaths.

With all threats suddenly no more, the party calmly continued down the tunnel in the rock, until coming to a fork in the path. To the right lay, as best the party could tell, more one-way traffic deeper into the tunnel, a smaller amount of magic item signatures, and the stench of brimstone. The best guess was that there were more guards — more Duregar for the slaughter, according to Derdrin — and possibly the missing shipments, including perhaps Mordai’s stolen goods, the evidence needed to clear Artemis’s name. To the left seemed to be much more two-way traffic and more magic items. Naturally, the party went towards where there would be more fighting, and were not disappointed. A few more Duregar, a Blasphemer, and (crap, I forgot, someone correct it in the comments and/or edit the post) presented a moderate challenge in a side room full of boxes. The party has yet to search the boxes.


Nymerias Nymerias

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