Sunday Neverwinter Campaign

Chapter 3

  • Our heroes get a full extended rest waiting in the sewers for a signal that they’ll “know it when you see it” as Guard Captain Roberts put it.
  • 3 hours past the expected signal time they hear frantic tolling from the bell tower up the hill. Taking this as their signal they emerge from the sewers to find waves of plaguechanged monsters coming from the east.
  • If you want a stroke of luck card you should give some details on the fight from your character’s perspective
  • Returning to the wall victorious the heroes are greeted by the grateful militia, including a very wealthy tiefling merchant, Mordai Veil. He was extremely impressed by the heroes display on the battlefield, and as it is his job to know everyone worth knowing, he introduces himself to the party. He rewards them with an I.O.U redeemable at any of the shops he owns throughout the city. He also invites them to stop by his estate at any time as there are always important people rubbing elbows there and he thinks the party would fit in quite nicely.
  • After Mordai leaves a more different Guard Captain Roberts approaches the party to apologize for her brother’s actions and reward them for their heroics. Because of the heroes bravery no milita lost their lives in what could have been a devastating attack. Derdrin recieves a pair of Gauntlets of Blood.
  • Leaf and Vice join Lady Guard Captain Roberts and the Wall milita in the barracks for a victory party while Derdrin, Aelar, and Pieter take the recovered shard back to Lady Jasmine.
  • If you want a stroke of luck card you could give some details of what your character learned from this meeting with Lady Jasmine.
  • The party decides to attempt returning the recovered scrolls to the House of Knowledge.
  • Maybe your character could give a description of what occurred here from their point of view.
  • As it is now a more reasonable hour in the morning for civilians to be rising and the city to come alive, the party heads across the bridge and into the Blacklake District, making their way to the Driftwood Tavern on Vice’s recommendation. Inquiring about the shard they get the name Eralt, as he was a customer who kept talking about the shooting star.
  • The party then heads to the Inn of a Thousand Faces for Vice to check in. While Vice leaves to talk in a back room the party inquires more about the shard and finds out that it likely landed close to the lake in the center of the district. Eralt Gavin is the leader of the Friends of the Blacklake Association and can likely be found at the Beached Leviathan during the day, though their doors won’t be open to strangers so early in the morning.
  • The party leaves the inn and heads towards the other side of the district where the harbor and the Beached Leviathan can be found. Walking through the merchant lined streets they are confronted by a group of angry dwarves and humans before they have a chance to go shopping.
  • If you would like a stroke of luck card, you could explain this fight from your character’s perspective.
  • Derdrin recieves Gauntlets of Blood
  • Party recieves merchant guild coupon
  • Gold to date: 970 (470 useable)


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