Character Sheet
Vice’s Thoughts

Vascilious was captured by slavers while travelling with his family when he was 7. Based on the fractured memories he has of the event he assumes they are all dead, his sister, who was also captured, never spoke of the subject which only solidified the assumption. He was held by the slavers for a year before he and his sister were sold to a man that ran an underground pitfighting ring in one of the shadier neighborhoods of Athkatla. He was trained to be gladiator, she was used as a servant to those that could afford the best seats looking over the pit.

A few years after he was captured the female dragonborn, Travinn, was added to the gladiators’ ranks. Vascilious immediately felt a connection to her, and she to him. They fought side by side on many occasions. Her skills with a light blade supporting his brute strength made them a nigh unstoppable team. As the years went on both grew tired of fighting, knowing that they couldn’t be forced to fight as they could both defeat a majority of the guards on their own. They made a pact to not fight in the ring, and not kill if they did end up in the right.

When Vascilious refused to fight for weeks on end, his sister was used as a threat, she was thrown into the ring with no combat training against 4 skilled fighters. Her death was quick and awoke Kord’s rage that had laid dormant for all these years. Vascilious easily broke from his bonds, slaughtered the fighters that had killed his sister, and killed 8 of his master’s guards before he was subdued. He remembers only glimpses of that day and the week following it.

Afterward the death of his sister Thavinn’s life was the new threat, and Vascilious could not take losing another because of his own stubbornness. He fought for Thavinn, to save her from the fate that his sister had faced. Over the next few years he and Thavinn continued to grow closer, to the point where they had plans together for when they were free on the pit.

These plans were once overheard by a guard, who quickly reported it to their owner. When Vascilious heard who his next match was against he was crushed. He was to face his love, Thavinn in a fight to the death. When they stood across from each other in the ring she threw down her weapon, asking Vascilious to strike her down so he may live. He killed her in the least painful way he knew and swore he would avenge her.

Years of brooding and planning went on while he was alone in his cell. He was almost ready to enact his plan when he heard scuffles from the hallway. After a short time the door swung open and a half elf druid stood in front of him. She told him he was free and to follow her to freedom. He had different plans, running straight to where his owner should be. When he burst into the room with Mordenkrad in hand he saw the secret passage that his owner had used to escape through had been purposefully blocked. Angry, frustrated, filled with fury, but somehow calm, he returned to the armory and grabbed the dagger that Thavinn always used.

With nowhere else to go the Harper’s gave him temporary shelter while he learned his way about the outside world. When it seemed he would never find a purpose on his own they inquired if he would like to join them. After successfully completing a handful of missions he was given his pin and sent to Neverwinter to help the Harper efforts there.

Ze Wishlist:

Name Level Rarity Type Why?
Avalanche Hammer +5 24 Uncommon Weapon Plus to hit and damage
Hungry Spear +4 17 Uncommon Weapon Plus to hit and damage
Horned Helm 26 Uncommon Head I will roll 7d6 on a charge. You have been warned.
Ring of Feather Fall 14 Uncommon Ring Better version of the lesser ring!
Badge of the Berserker +5 22 Uncommon Neck Slot No op attacks when charging
Ring of Unwelcome Gifting 17 Uncommon Ring Resist 3 ongoing with ability to transfer ongoing
Stone Band 17 Uncommon Ring Resist damage from crits. You crit too often
Ring of Fury 14 Uncommon Ring +2 bonus to intimidate, 2 free attacks when bloodied once a day
Boots of Blood 16 Uncommon Foot Maintain my +1 to reflex and am able to shift when bloodied once a day, making charging easier


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