Character Background Questionaire

These elements are just suggested springboards. You can answer some of them or all of them as well as continue with details beyond the ones I fish for. The more elements you flesh out the easier it will be to fall into a character without a forced RP time feeling.

I. Physical Traits
– Basic run down of your looks, please include height and weight.
– What race specific features do you have, and how are they unique to you?
– What non-race specific distinguishing features do you have? i.e scars, birthmarks, bubblegum pink dyed hair, etc.

II. Personality Traits
– A barkeep places a glass in front of you, is it half full? Half empty? Completely full, it is just full of two separate elements? Neither as it is only 48.9% full? * Chug * Doesn’t matter, it is empty now?
– What pet peeves does your character have? How do they general respond when confronted with them?
– What habits does you character have? Do they disrupt their everyday life? Are they socially acceptable?
– Does you character have any interesting quirks?
– Views on spirituality. You might have a deity you think about occasionally or you might be a divine class, or you might despise the whole concept. Where do you fall on the spectrum and how does it effect your views of the people around you.
– What are some major motivators for your character? Self discovery? Food? Gold? Glory? Love? Family honor? Your next high? Revenge?

III. Metagame Traits
– Why that class? How did you come by such training and/or power?
– How has your range of attributes affected your life? Has an 8 in Charisma provided hardships in your life that have been influential to you? Or has it actually been a boon in some way. How has an 20 in Strength influenced your life?
– Feats, how did you come by such training, or what kind of life event caused you to realize such a talent?

IV. Relationships
– Describe 2 NPC characters that are connected to you in some way. Even if your character is a loner type figure. Maybe the person the most connected to you is the barkeep, that could say a lot about you.
– Do you have previous knowledge of any of the other PCs? Friendly or unfriendly? Knowing them or knowing of them. Family connections etc.
– Do you have an declared enemies?

V. Goals
– Provide at least 2 goals your character has, or that you have for your character.

VI. Secrets and Weaknesses
– Do you have any? _I promise not to abuse them.
VII. Theme Backstory
– Are you taking your theme’s backstory at face value? Are there any changes or additions you would like to make to it please let me know here.
– If it is not directly stated in your theme’s backstory please give me a general geographical description of where you are from. i.e The South, Neverwinter Wood, Abeir, etc.

Character Background Questionaire

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