Item Wishlists

Please take some time to formulate a wishlist of items you would like your character to find and or be able to purchase at some point. I won’t guarantee that you will automatically get everything on your list, but it will greatly help me make treasure parcels if I have an idea of what sounds cool to you guys. Let me know if an item is essential to your character’s build or back-story and I will put more effort into making sure it is included at the correct time. A couple things to keep in mind: 1) Keep rarity in mind. Do not plan on decking your character out in rare items as I do intend to make them rare. 2) Wondrous items are fair game and can benefit the party as a whole.

I recommend filling out the wishlist through level 10 (meaning items up to lvl 15). Or you can do it in installments and turn a smaller list of gear items to me every level and a separate list of of wondrous items you think are actually cool.

Player Name:
Character Name:

Item Name:
Item Lvl:
Item Rarity:
Slot used (weapon / armor / waist / head / etc)
Brief – why do you want it?

Item Wishlists

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