Setting Information for Character Creation

Races of Neverwinter and the North

Humans- By far the most abundant race in the city itself. The city has been a Human settlement throughout its history and while it has had nobles and influential people of other races, the monarchy has always been human only. Humans fill every tier of the class system within the city. Outside of the city the “Savage North” is home to many different clans of humans living in tribal societies.

Dwarves- The ancient Dwarven Kingdom of Delzoun was located in this region and grew up alongside the human kingdom of Neverwinter. The two kingdoms prospered together for many generations. With the fall of Delzoun its citizens were welcomed into Neverwinter and over many generations consider it their beloved home as much as any human. The humans and dwarves see one another as equals in the city and many dwarfs hold positions of nobility within the city. Outside of the city there are groups living in the Sword Mountains to the south of the city as well as the Crags in the north.

Halflings- After the cataclysm the majority of trade left Neverwinter, and the halflings went too. Unlike the humans and dwarves the halflings did not feel a deep connection to the city itself, even if they had lived there for generations. A few small groups remain in the city residing mostly around the docks. Whether you call them traders or pirates is up to you.

Half-Elves- The city of Neverwinter has nothing against half-elves and they have done well for themselves here. Most of these half-elves have been raised within the human culture, though they might likely value their elven heritage. There could be a half-elf found in the clans outside the city, but it is not likely. Even less likely would be to find on in the Elven settlements within Neverwinter Wood.

Elves- A small population of Elves make the city their home. These elves have taken up the urban lifestyle and hold much of human cultural standards. They live much like the half-elves of the city do and are often referred to as domesticated by their wild counterparts. Within Neverwinter Wood live clans of Wild and Wood elves. Because of the magic of the wood it is avoided by non-fey races and remains a bastion of Wild and Wood elf society.

Eladrin- An ancient elven empire covered the lands of the north long before the walls of Neverwinter were ever raised. The center of Neverwinter Wood has always been closely tied to the Feywild. During the fall of the elven empire, the Eladrin of Neverwinter Wood used this closeness to move much of their city into the Feywild. Though long ago, Eladrin left in the mortal realm still feel a close tie to Neverwinter Wood and Moon elves are frequently drawn to live in the city. Recently a movement in the Feywild has brought Eladrin back to the mortal realm on a pilgrimage to recover what was left behind of their ancient heritage.

Goliaths- Tribes may be found in the Crags tot he north and the Sword Mountains to the south. It would be a rare sight to see one walking down the streets of Neverwinter. A Goliath would be met by the general public with caution and potentially fear. Though strength is highly valuable in these times of turmoil.

Half-orcs- Much the same as Goliaths, but would be met with more open hatred due to the current Orc occupation in the city.

Gnomes- An uncommon sight withing the city. Though because of the current closeness with the Feywild gnomes could be traveling its way with more frequency.

Wilden- Rare to never seen within the city bounds. Since the woods remain untouched by civilization a large population could be living in peaceful isolation.

Dragonborn- A rareity much like the Goliaths and Half-orcs they are met with caution. Unlike the other two it is based more on respect than fear and hatred. There had recently been a temple dedicated to Bahamut, Pelor, and Erathis that housed many Dragonborn paladins. If the temple had not been destroyed in the cataclysm there could have been a small respected community by now. Most Dragonborn seen in the city today are mercenaries bound to tradeships and to do not make their home here.

Tieflings- Rare and not well recieved by the general populous. Though there is a very wealthy Tiefling merchant who holds a lot of respect currently living in the city.

Other- To the people of Neverwinter who have stayed in the city after the cataclysm their view of you is likely to be the same whether you are some rare exotic shardmind or a plain human adventurer. Outsiders are outsiders. They are too busy trying to survive to waste time hating you, but they aren’t going to welcome you warmly into their homes either.

Setting Information for Character Creation

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