Day 2
After resting in the disgusting sewers we waited, and waited… and waited. It was three hours after the scheduled time for the signal that we heard the ringing of bells, wild and obnoxious, nothing like any normal bell ringing. We sprang from the sewers, nearly swarmed by plague-changed creatures. The battle was tough, and without the help of those on the walls I am not sure we would have made it out alive.

We recovered the shard and met the Teifling, Mordai Vell, head of the merchants in Neverwinter. I had heard stories that would suggest everything he seems to be. Lavishly dressed while holding a crossbow in a manner I have only seen among the most inexperienced. He greeted us heartily, gave us an IOU for any magical item we would want from his stores, and an open invitation to his estate. An interesting creature with his heart in the right place, but misguided on how to go about doing things.

We also met with Guard Roberts, the sister this time. Much more agreeable than the brother. Based on the shaman’s reaction to hear I feared she would have him jailed for sexual assault. She gave us Gauntlets of Blood that Derdrin took after consulting with the group. We split up from there, the warlock and I staying behind to celebrate the victory with the citizens of Neverwinter, the other three to report back to the Temple of Selune. Before leaving the party I stopped by the male Guard Roberts’ office. It seemed that our initial assumptions were right about him. He wanted us dead. I do not know why, but he will have very little time to talk before his skull is scattered across the streets.

We met up at the temple where I told everyone else about Guard Roberts’ plan, none seemed too surprised. We headed to the House of Knowledge for information on the scrolls that we found. The people there were… strange to say the least. They were oddly attracted to the warlock, so much so that I feared for my safety while keeping them away. With nothing gained from the House of Knowledge, we headed to the Black Lake district.

While headed to the House of a Thousand Faces we were greeted by a group of dwarves with a few humans. Sons of Algandar, angry because I was working with Neverember. They would not listen to reason, treating the truth as lies and lies as the truth. When it was obvious that they wouldn’t let us go without a fight we took them down, but they made it painfully clear that they wanted me dead. One nearly revealed my affiliations to those accompanying me, but was quickly silenced when I reminded him who had brought him down in battle. We took a bone pendent from him, something I had never seen the Sons wear before, but it is not surprising to see dwarves wearing strange things.

I met with my contacts at the House of a Thousand Faces. The greeting wasn’t pleasant, but it rarely is. They pointed us to a man named Eralt, who is in charge of some organization for the betterment of the black lake. My contacts told us he could be found at the Beached Leviathan, so that was where we headed next.

As we traveled we were met by a group of elves, two twin females and three males. They were talking about a drow encampment in or near the city. They offered us the information as to its location if we were to defeat them in battle. They were children, charging in way over their heads, offering us a battle for no reason. We refused and kept on our way, there were other ways to find out about this drow camp. We stopped by the lake to see if there was anything we could learn about the fallen shard without attracting more attention to ourselves. We came across a spot on the north bank that looked like it had been traveled recently. Twelve sets of tracks headed towards the harbor; not exactly what I was hoping for.

As we continued towards the Beached Leviathan we passed Mordai Vell’s manor. We made note of its location and moved onward where we stumbled across more Sons of Algandar in the middle of a square. They were shouting the chants, but two were much more heated, claiming that they were willing to bleed for Neverwinter and everyone else should as well. I greeted them and asked them to stow their weapons, violence in a public square will only hurt their cause. Again, the failed to listen to reason and attacked. As the fight went on I noticed the two overly violent were also wearing the same bone pendents the dwarves were wearing. They also started frothing at the mouth when they saw my affiliations. There is something strange about these pendants. We took them, and a mordenkrad that the Mintauren Mercenaries would have taken for their own use.

We made it to the Beached Leviathan where we met this Eraly, who had seen the shard fall. He told us a halfling named Palace hard taken the shard. He is apparently a smuggler that is not well liked throughout the harbor. The harbormaster, Les-Jen, was willing to help us, but not openly in a covert mission. She was watching her own hide while trying to get us to her job. Like most in Neverwinter, I believe she is out for herself rather than the city. With plans to meet later in the night we decided to head to Mordai Vell’s manor for information on the bone pendants, mordenkrad, and some rest.

Of course, one cannot walk through the streets of Neverwinter without being accosted by someone. This time it was Dead Rats, new to their unnatural abilities. Thinking we would be easy prey they attacked even when they saw we would fight them. Unable to restrain myself due the constant battles and ignorance of those approaching us I took the life of at least one of them, I’m not exactly sure how many were by my hand. One of them bit me, which I think is what pushed me over the edge. I’m not feeling too great now, but it doesn’t seem to be too bad.

The day was not what I was hoping for. I am being pushed to the front of this rag tag group of adventurers, which is making me more known throughout the city. I understand that as one of the few non-mercenary dragonborn in the city that is going to happen, but this is too much for my liking at the moment. I somehow managed to come across a group that likes to talk to strangers less than I do. When we ran into Mordai Vell the second time he said something that really rang true with me: “Common goals are often outweighed by bad blood.” That has been made obvious by the actions of Sons today, and makes me wonder if they really want what is best for the city, or just want people behind them against Neverember so they can control the city.


Sunday Neverwinter Campaign Nymerias Tacster